Middle School at MPA

Middle School At MPA

The Middle School program at Mounds Park Academy begins with an understanding of the developmental needs—social, physical, emotional, and intellectual—that students bring to school. Adolescents vary significantly, and the faculty receive ongoing training in research-based best practices to meet the needs of individual students as the mission of the school is advanced. Instruction in the Middle School is inquiry-based and child-centered. Students are active in their learning, participating in ways that acknowledge their contribution to the learning process. Most importantly, it is a safe place, both physically and emotionally, and students are joyful learners.

MPA teaches to the whole child. Students take a wide variety of classes, including world language, visual art, drama, choir, instrumental music, and physical education every year to round out their education. The curriculum is integrated between subjects when possible so that learning is connected and reinforced, and each grade level embarks on several field trips for additional experiential learning. Furthermore, students’ social and personal skills are strengthened through our character development program, advisory and seminar courses, and a wide range of extracurricular and athletic opportunities.

MPA is a place where learning comes alive—where students are challenged and pushed to excel and succeed, and where it’s cool to be smart, easy to shine, and okay to make mistakes. We teach students to think and act responsibly and to strive for their unique potential. Every student needs a school they can call their own, a place of security and adventure, and MPA is just that school.