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Since our school’s founding in 1982, Mounds Park Academy has been blessed to have Richard Meacock as a faculty member. He helped MPA establish itself as an inclusive, respectful community, wholeheartedly committed to diversity of all kinds. While Richard let us know that he will be retiring at the end of this school year, his legacy will live on for generations to come at MPA.

“I worked really hard to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children at MPA are respected and whenever possible, celebrated. That has contributed to the type of students we send to college, and the inclusive attitudes they possess,” said Richard. His commitment to and outspoken voice on this topic, in partnership with Ellen Luepker, parent of an alum, resulted in MPA establishing a non-discrimination policy as early as 1985—a rarity in our world at that time. And, his men’s studies course was highly innovative and questioned the socially accepted normativity of binary gender identities long before it became a national dialogue.

Richard is known for being a phenomenal teacher who has an incredible way with and understanding of students. His sense of humor is loved and appreciated. His high academic expectations are understood and met with deeper thinking. His willingness to go far above and beyond is respected by all. His ability to grasp the complexities of the adolescent mind is unmatched. Thousands of students have reached their fullest potential—academically and socially—under his watch.

“In those early years, there was a lot of excitement, creativity, and laughter. It was so different from anything in education at the time and the spirit upon which we were founded is still alive today. The soul of the school remains the work of Bob Kreischer and Sandy Kreischer Smith from those earliest of days. We continue to develop good people who understand how to learn,” he said. As our founding faculty members retire, let me assure you that the foundation they established is solid and as vital to our future as new innovations.

Mark Segal, Upper School director, will lead the search and the hiring process for Richard’s replacement.

“I’ve gone home frustrated. I’ve gone home really happy. I’ve gone home in every mood imaginable, but I’ve never gone home bored,” Richard said about his years at MPA. It is our sincere hope that upon retirement Richard goes home with a tremendous sense of accomplishment for the impact he’s left on MPA and its students.

Please join me in expressing your appreciation for Richard. Whether you are near or far, I am certain he would love to hear from you via email, phone, or a visit to campus.

Warm regards,

Dr. Bill Hudson
Head of School

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