Dear MPA Community,

I am writing with a very special request from the Office of Admission and International Student Program. Tamana, a young woman from Afghanistan, is finishing her junior year at MPA and is looking forward to completing her studies and applying to American universities next year. With the uncertainty of traveling to Afghanistan this summer and returning in the fall, we are seeking one or more families to host Tamana in their homes this summer and/or for the 2017–18 school year.

Tamana is an outstanding young woman who is vivacious, intelligent, friendly, and courageous. During her first year in the United States, Tamana has participated in the Nordic ski club, robotics, orchestra, and the newly-formed Inkslingers group; she has taken some amazing risks, accumulated a lengthy list of “firsts,” and grown in ways she could never have imagined. She is an incredibly hard-working student, working tirelessly to accomplish her goals, while shouldering the heavy weight of political unrest at home. She is an outspoken champion for social justice and shares that the men in her community affectionately call her a “troublemaker” for actively fighting the oppressive system for women in Afghanistan.

Hosting a daughter from Afghanistan has enriched all of our lives in ways we could not have imagined.  We have learned so much about culture (both our own and Afghanistan’s), current events, and hope for a peaceful future. Tamana’s courage, strength, and determination inspire us daily.”

– Sara Mohn, Current MPA Parent and Teacher

Tamana is supported by her father, her three younger brothers, and an incredibly tight-knit family. She has wonderful role models in and support from her family members, encouraging her to go to the United States to gain the skills necessary to return home and improve the way of life for all women. With such a strong, supportive family in Kabul, Tamana has struggled with bouts of homesickness throughout the year and greatly appreciates the strength, compassion, and love her American host family provides.

As a host family, you would provide accommodations, transportation and meals, as well as the many nuances that make a house a home—friendship, laughter, compassion, and shared experiences—for Tamana during her final, exciting year at MPA. With this in mind, please note that Tamana also has a vision impairment that may require treatment and/or surgery during the summer or her senior year. Her host family may need to provide care and support during her recovery, but will shoulder none of the medical costs of the procedures themselves. As MPA’s International Student Program Coordinator, I am available to support Tamana and her host family throughout the summer and school year as well.

If this opportunity interests you and your family, please contact me for more detailed information at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for considering what your role could be in Tamana’s very promising future.

Best regards,

Sarah McFarland
International Student Program Coordinator

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