Parents Association Logo2017–18 MPA Parents Association Executive Board Members
Co-Presidents: Wendy Cucisk & Pat Wyant
Co-President Elects: Seema Anwar & Ginnie Peterson
Secretary: Cari Simonson
Treasurer: Tricia Hutton
Co-Lower School Division Leads: Christine Larson & Heidi Nelson
Middle School Division Lead: Kim Jakway
Co-Upper School Division Leads: Elizabeth Esch & Amanda Campbell
These parent volunteers are excited to lead the Parents Association next year as we fulfill our mission: To be an effective community building arm of Mounds Park Academy focusing on awareness and inclusivity of our diverse community.
MPA Parents Association Grade Representatives
Calling all interested parents to join the Grade Representative ranks for the 2017–18 school year! A Grade Representative is a parent or guardian whoalong with others in the gradeserves in a voluntary role on behalf of the grade during the school year. In this role, you and other parents will:
  • Foster a sense of community within your class and Mounds Park Academy
  • Be a Mounds Park Academy information pipeline
  • Create teacher connections
  • Be a communication provider to parents
  • Encourage and engage participation of other parents
  • Be an active member of the Parents Association
As a Grade Rep, you will be the first to know new information, and you will get to know families within your grade and throughout Mounds Park Academy. You will have access to Parents Association funds to host social gatherings. This role requires 1025 hours during the school year and most coordinating can be accomplished via email. If you are interested in learning more or want to become a Grade Representative, please email us.
If you are currently a Grade Rep, your contributions are invaluable in community building at Mounds Park Academy! Your name will remain on the list for the 201718 unless you email us and request to be taken off the list.


Please contact Christine Larson or Amanda Campbell, Parents Association Co-Presidents, if you would like to get involved or have any questions


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