William, Class of 2017William Kluge, a member of the Mounds Park Academy Class of 2017 and Lake Elmo resident, shared with the MPA community on May 1, National Reply Date, that he has received and will accept a four-year merit scholarship to Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He selected Marist for its exceptional cybersecurity program, reflecting MPA’s college counseling philosophy that ensures each student finds the right fit.

William is already advancing the field of cybersecurity through his work for Secured2 right here in the Twin Cities. After starting as an intern, he quickly worked himself up to major equity holder for his success developing several innovative products. His most recent endeavor is a security and compression solution that stores data multi-dimensionally using unique 3D shapes. A patent with William’s name on it is now fully granted.

According to Daren Klum, Secured2 CEO, “William’s work can benefit this world and solve two major problems: securing data from hackers and reducing the size of data. We believe with this concept and William’s work we will be able to put a petabyte of data onto a 100GB hard drive. This is something thought impossible by the tech community, but not impossible to us.”

Not your typical “techy kid,” William is also exceptionally articulate. “William has a special talent to be the engineer, but also understand how to articulate the solution in plain English. A real gift,” said Klum. William is an example of the type of students that MPA cultivates—brilliant, creative, and destined to shake the world with a full scholarship.

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