lower school girls on playgroundBecome a bigger part of your child’s school! Engage with the MPA community and take an active role in the Parent Association by joining the PA Executive Board, chairing a committee, or becoming a Grade Rep. Now is the time of year when those positions are being secured and we are seeking some amazing volunteers like YOU!

To get involved or learn more, please reach out to any current Parents Association Executive Board member (see reverse for contact information) or email Wendy Cusick, President, at wjcusick@gmail.com.

The PA is an organization formed by and for MPA parents and every family is automatically a member. Each year, families are asked to pay Parents Association Dues of $75 during the enrollment process. These funds establish the PA budget. The PA Executive Board manages the budget to provide support to the MPA community with activities, education events, micro funding and more!

Have you or your child enjoyed some of the many activities brought to you by the PA?

  • The Book Festival
  • The Middle School Cafe
  • Screening of the movie “Screenagers”
  • 5th grade screening of the movie “Wonder”
  • Track and Field Day celebrations
  • Family dinners before the MS Meeting and/or Vocal Concert
  • Parties and socials throughout the year coordinated by PA Grade Reps
  • Middle School and Lower School Parent Education events
  • Parent coffees
  • Lower School Halloween and Valentine’s Day parties
  • Annual White Out Dance
  • Graduation Reception

The PA also hosts the Faculty and Staff Appreciation events and the Annual Holiday Gift Wrap.

Your child’s experience is a partnership between the family and the school. Part of what makes MPA a special place is the involvement of parents in the activities at school and within the school community. We encourage you to find opportunities to participate in a way that fits your family’s schedule and interests. It is a great way to form friendships, integrate as new families and find information and support networks as your student moves through Mounds Park Academy.

The MPA Parents Association is also seeking volunteers to fill the following positions for the 2018-19 school year:

Executive Board Positions:


Lower School Lead

Upper School Lead

Chair Positions:

Staff & Faculty Appreciation

Lower School Parties

Book Festival

Middle School Café

White Out Dance

Grade Reps:

A Grade Rep is a parent or guardian who agrees to serve in a voluntary role on behalf of a grade for the entire school year. The basic roles and responsibilities that all Grade Reps share include: connecting with the other Grade Reps volunteering for the grade and determining how the responsibilities can be shared.

Lower School Grade Rep: This role must connect with the teachers for the grade at the beginning of the school year to see if there are any needs that the Grade Reps can communicate to and/or coordinate with the other parents in the grade. Depending on the teacher(s), Grade Reps may be asked to coordinate in-class parties or other volunteer activities during the year. They must foster a sense of community in the grade by getting acquainted with the other families and encouraging grade level and MPA participation and community building. They also have the responsibility of planning at least two grade socials per year. Typically, one social is a family event and one is for parents only.  They must also MPA PA Division meetings for the applicable grade level (i.e., Lower School, Middle School, Upper School). Grade Reps play an important role in supporting and fostering the strong sense of community we enjoy as MPA families.

Secretary: The secretary shall distribute agendas and keep minutes of all proceedings of the Parents Association and the MPA PA Board and shall make an accurate and proper record of the same. The secretary shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of reports of the MPAPA and for other communications to its members (via the MPAPA ecommunications page) and shall perform such other specific responsibilities as may be established by the president or the MPAPA Board.

Division Lead: Each Division Lead shall preside at all PA meetings of their respective divisions. The Division Lead shall consult regularly with the Division Directors to ensure that MPA PA activities are aligned with division policies and initiatives. Each Division Lead shall coordinate and collaborate with the Division Director for specific Parent Information meeting as needed. Each Division Lead shall establish and appoint the members of any and all temporary committees that the MPA PA Board deems appropriate. The Division Lead will perform such other specific duties as may be established by the president of the MPA PA Board.

Please email interest or questions to any current board member or PA President, Wendy Cusick.Thank you in advance for getting involved!

Current Parents Association Executive Board

Wendy Cusick: wjcusick@gmail.com

Co-President Elects: Seema Anwar & Ginnie Peterson
Seema Anwar: seema_anwar@hotmail.com
Ginnie Peterson: ginniepeterson@gmail.com

Cari Simonson: tomandcari7@msn.com

Tricia Hutton: tricia.hutton@ecolab.com

Co-Lower School Division Leads: Christine Larson & Heidi Nelson
Christine Larson: chrisandmatt@hotmail.com
Heidi Nelson: nelsonhe5@yahoo.com

Middle School Division Lead:
Kim Jakway: thejakways@gmail.com

Co-Upper School Division Lead: Amanda Campbell & Elizabeth Esch
Amanda Campbell: acampbell@stkates.com
Elizabeth Esch: eesch@comcast.net

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