book festival 2017 parent volunteersby Seema Anwar, MPA Parents Association President-Elect

Looking for a fabulous way to spend your free time during the school year? Look no further! I would love to share a few reasons why I volunteer with the MPA Parents Association:

  1. It is a great excuse to avoid doing household chores, errands, and other boring tasks.
  2. I have separation anxiety when I’m away from my kids.
  3. I will score an invitation to the fabulous Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast.
  4. There’s free coffee all day–the PA room has a Keurig!
  5. No bake sales, ever!

Although there is a kernel of truth to all of the above, the most important reasons I volunteer at MPA are to …

  1. Teach my children, by example, about the importance of volunteerism.
  2. Make a difference in the community, especially one that directly impacts my children.
  3. Meet people and make new friends.
  4. Find inspiration, satisfaction, and support.
  5. I can’t help it–I’m hooked!

There are many volunteer opportunities to get involved with the MPA Parents Association. Learn more about them and get to know us at the PA Meet & Greet on Friday, September 7, at 8 AM in the Gallery! All parents are invited and we can’t wait to meet you!

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