Leo '24Leo is an MPA International student from Japan and is currently living with an MPA host family. Learn more about our international student program and becoming a host family here!

What do you love about MPA?
The part that all classes require students to be highly active, instead of just copying off blackboards.

In what ways has MPA prepared you for life?
I think coming to MPA gave me a way to think from multiple perspectives. The way U.S. students think and how Japanese students think is really different. It was a good opportunity for me to understand both, and give me the ability to make decisions from both perspectives.

How is your experience at MPA different than your former school?
My former school had classes where students hardly spoke, and it seemed like the students weren’t participating in the class. In that way, MPA has much better classes that students really participate in.

What do you dream for yourself in 20 years?
I don’t have a clear image, but I hope I’m in a good job that’s related to my favorite careers, like physics and astronomy.


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