2020-21 Annual Report

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"Celebrations help us to acknowledge milestones, build relationships with one another, and connect with what has come before and what we can look forward to. This year we are excited to celebrate the 2020-2021 school year and all we were able to accomplish together and mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of MPA. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped us to reimagine the ways that we celebrate, while maintaining the foundation of community and shared values that bring us together.

This year’s annual report helps us to honor and celebrate what we have achieved together. It is also filled with gratitude for the impact of your generosity and the milestones we have accomplished. On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff at MPA, thank you!"

-Dr. Bill Hudson, head of school


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36% of students self-identify as students of color


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"At MPA I felt regularly encouraged, challenged, and respected in my approaches to problems, without fear, judgement, or social pressure. Most importantly, I think that MPA provided me with a safe environment to pursue a wide-range of multiple disciples and to make balanced choices about my interests. The emphasis that I felt on exposure and balance over perfection prepared me for an evolving future full of choices that I didn’t yet know existed."
-MPA Alumnnus

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"I like that students are given great latitude to solve problems instead of only teaching traditional, prescribed ways of doing things. The turn of the century has been marked by seismic shifts in technology and business grown out of the ideas of people who think outside the box. MPA is a place where creativity is sewn like seeds in a garden, and as a parent I’m always amazed at what pops out of that soil."
-The Soma Family


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Designated Giving Impact Highlights: $216,408

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"I think one of the major takeaways from MPA was the notion to think for myself. To be learned and to stay curious–to keep dreaming for something bigger and better for my life. MPA also taught me to do the right thing, to have my own moral code and ethics to live by. To have this personal set of rules that governs me and every one of my choices. I think that compass started at a young age."
-Rex Hendrickson '11

Year Giving Timeline
Year Giving Timeline
"MPA spoke to us and to our children instantly. Having attended both private/independent and public schools previously; we appreciate the combination of academic rigor and whole child approach. Our children are well rounded with many interests and we wanted to continue to instill in them a joy of learning, an appreciation for the arts, and varied sports and recreational options while also challenging them academically. MPA was immediately our first choice (among many outstanding options) and we could not be more pleased with how much our children love it!"
-The Cowen Family
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