Panther Basketball Camp Registration Open

Dan Haase, Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, who brings 25 years of head coaching experience along with assistant coaches, and current and former players, will be running this camp June 12–15 from 9 AM–12 PM in the Lansing Sports Center. It is open to boys and girls entering grades 3–9 in the fall. Both MPA and other students are welcome, so invite your friends! The emphasis will be on shooting, ball handling, and fundamentals for all skill levels. Find all of the details here, including registration.

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Parents Association Brings us the Middle School Café!

Prochainement! Ne manquez pas Middle School Café Week is March 6–10. Everyone is welcome to partake in fresh donuts and French pastries every morning in the Café (aka Kreischer Gym) starting at 8 AM. There will also be French desserts and snacks after school until 3:30 PM. Vive le Café du Collège!

Would you be willing to donate some friandises to the Café? Please find the list here on the MPA Community Bulletin Board. Want to volunteer some time to the Café? Find formidable opportunities here. Thank you in advance for your support of this long-standing tradition—all proceeds benefit the MPA Library!

Please contact Christine Larson or Amanda Campbell, Parents Association Co-Presidents, at if you have any questions.

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Middle School Parent Education Opportunity

Please join MPA Health and Physical Education Teacher, Bev Docherty, and Middle School Director, Erica Brewinski, on Friday, March 3, from 8–9 AM in the Porter Conference Room (PCR) for a discussion about pre-teen and early-teenagers’ physical and emotional health. Topics we’ll cover include proper nutrition and physical activity at this age, warning signs of eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, body image, and the role of peer relationships. Parents and guardians are invited to bring questions and share their strategies with other parents.

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The Robot is Complete

At 10:51 PM on Tuesday, February 21, in accordance with the rules of FIRST Robotics, the MPA Robotics team (the “MPArors”) sealed their robot in a bag. The robot will remain bagged and untouched until the regional competition at the University of Minnesota in early April. The team will now work on driving practice with a different robot, and rebuilding and refining mechanisms that were bagged with the completed robot. Congratulations to these students, their coaches, and volunteer mentors for their hard work throughout the past few months! Go MPArors! Go Panthers!

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Head’s Message: Look to the Future

by Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

As I stand at the front door in the morning, I often think to myself how happy I will be to see each student graduate. When I see the joy in a kindergartener’s eyes, or the eagerness of a second grader, the excitement of a seventh grader, or the accomplishments of a tenth grader, I often wonder what they will be like as graduating seniors. Perhaps I will be the one who hands them their diplomas. Maybe not. None of us knows what life will bring. However, one thing I know for certain is that my support and investment in MPA will continue long into the future.

In addition to our annual gift to the MPA Fund, Ross and I have named MPA as a beneficiary in our estate planning. Our annual gift benefits today’s students and our planned gift will benefit students in years yet to come. Quite simply, planned gifts ensure the financial health and longevity of the school. MPA is a relatively young school. Older schools tend to have large endowments, built by the planned gifts of countless alumni, parents, and grandparents that came before them.

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Finding the Right School Fit

Neelu Boddipalli and her husband Rama never thought they’d consider private schools for their sons Dilan and Kelvyn. Neelu grew up in the Twin Cities and appreciated her public school education in South Washington County; Rama attended public schools in the western suburbs of Chicago. When the couple built a house in a Saint Paul suburb, they assumed their children would attend public school.

“Private school was never on the radar,” said Neelu. “But several factors collided, which prompted us to consider alternative options.”

Like many parents, the Boddipallis first connected with the local school district when their oldest son, Kelvyn, was about to enter kindergarten. Similar to many rapidly expanding suburbs, their school district was examining how best to manage capacity. The couple attended the district’s facility planning meetings to better understand the rezoning process. The Boddipallis found themselves at odds with the district’s plans.

At the same time, their then-preschool son was experiencing racism and bullying at an area Montessori school, and it was eroding Kelvyn’s confidence.

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Washington D.C. Reunion

Please join Mounds Park Academy’s Head of School, Dr. Bill Hudson, former MPA teacher and administrator, Nansee Greeley, and Upper School Director, Mark Segal, at the D.C. Regional Reunion on March 3. Connect with fellow alumni and learn more about what’s happening at MPA! We hope you will be able to attend!

Friday, March 3
6 PM
Proper 21
1319 F Street NW,
Washington, D.C. 20004

Please RSVP to Susan Robertson, Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator, via email or on Facebook.

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Alumna Update: Sirid Kellermann ’88

When Sirid Kellermann thinks back to her high school years, she reminisces about how fun it was to be part of one of the first graduating classes. “We were participating in a living experiment, helping to shape this new school,” she said.

MPA fostered an early sense of activism, and Sirid recalls participating in student-led campaigns that ranged from trivial (such as tirelessly lobbying that black jeans were NOT jeans and therefore didn’t violate dress code) to impactful (such as the successful “Buckle-Up” seatbelt safety campaign). She and her classmates were inspired to see that even as young people, they could affect change in the world.

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Head’s Message: Feel the Love at MPA

by Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

Laughter and smiles filled the halls of MPA this week. Amid the cookies, candy, and flowers, there were countless acts of love and kindness. I am well aware that I can get sappy and a bit melodramatic about this subject. However, I found myself reflecting throughout the week about how when we say relationships are at the core of MPA, we really mean it. The following incidents, in no particular order, are evidence of the amazing culture at MPA … Continue reading

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