Securities Gifting Process (Stock Gifts)

Mounds Park Academy maintains an account with the Vanguard Group for the purposes of receiving gifts of securities. Our broker has been instructed to sell the stock as soon as the gift is received. Securities that are publicly traded are valued by us at the mean market value on the date surrendered by the donor. MPA is not charged a commission fee for stock transactions made through our Vanguard brokerage account. This allows us to maximize the potential of stock gifts from our donors.

When making a gift of securities, we ask that you notify LaTasha St. Arnault, Director of Development, at 651-748-5532 or by email at Please tell her the type of stock you are gifting and the approximate number of shares.

Mounds Park Academy Vanguard Group Account Information:

DTC Number: 0062
Brokerage account name: Mounds Park Academy
Brokerage number: 41807794