Growing and strengthening the Mounds Park Academy community is very important to us. As an MPA graduate, you are the cornerstone of our community, which we hope will last for generations to come.

As Mounds Park Academy comes of age, we have experienced an increase in the number of alumni who wish to send their children to MPA. To aid in this legacy, we are pleased to offer Children of Alumni, a special program that makes it easier for you to provide an MPA education to your young children.

We asked MPA alumnus and current parent Allan Flinn '93 why he chose MPA for his family. Here’s what he had to say:

As I reflect on what MPA did for me when I was a student, I always come back to how it opened doors for me. MPA provided me the opportunity and confidence to try new activities and subjects I may never have tried otherwise, challenged me to become a more focused learner and better communicator, and instilled a sense of responsibility to the broader community. I rely on the foundation MPA has given me every day in my personal and professional lives.

When my wife and I were looking for schools for our son and daughter, we clearly recognized the enormous value that MPA could provide our children through its small class sizes, rigorous college preparatory curriculum, and a whole-child approach to learning. We are willing to stretch our budget to invest in their education as it is truly a wonderful feeling to see them thrive from the same MPA experience that I had.

It's Easy to Apply

Mounds Park Academy has a very generous alumni scholarship program. While enrolled in kindergarten through grade five, the child(ren) of alumni can receive 100 percent of demonstrated financial need, however there is a minimum tuition contribution of $5,000 required per child. We define “alumni” as any person who was a student at MPA for any length of time, irregardless of whether the individual graduated from MPA.

Children of alumni who continue to be enrolled at MPA after grade five and who qualify for tuition assistance will be awarded assistance based on current award practices at that time.

To participate in the Children of Alumni program, simply:

  • Apply for admission to Mounds Park Academy
  • Apply for Financial Assistance
  • Be admitted to MPA
  • Receive notice of a Financial Assistance Award
  • Submit your acceptance of the Financial Assistance Award
  • Enroll at MPA

For more detailed information, and for answers to your questions, contact the Office of Admission at 651-748-5577 or