Your gift makes a profound difference in the lives of MPA students past, present, and future. As an independent, nonprofit school, we rely upon the generosity of our community to ensure an MPA education is accessible and attainable for every child.

Making a gift to MPA means you are supporting the next generation of leaders and free-thinkers. Every donation directly impacts our students and teachers, ensuring they have the tools and resources they need. At MPA, we have one purpose in raising money: it's for our students. Please make a gift today to inspire others, empower our students, and change the world through the positive impact MPA graduates will make in the decades to come.

If you have any questions about giving at MPA or would like to discuss the variety of opportunities that are available to maximize your gift, please get in touch with Jennifer Rogers-Petitt, director of development and community engagement, at 651-748-5532 or

Thank you for your generosity!


Ashley Goetzke
Director of Development and Community Engagement


Angie Gerstner
Development Manager


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