Philosophy: The MPA Theatre Arts Department serves the school's mission to enable students to maximize their potential by providing a comprehensive drama curriculum in grade 1-12 and an extracurricular program of theatre productions and activities.  We seek to develop an understanding of artistic ideas and an appreciation of the concepts of form and style.  The Theatre Arts Department also fosters an aesthetic awareness and appreciation for the arts through the following fundamentals:

Developing communication skills through improvisational technique, creative problem solving, critical/analytical thinking, organization of responses, and development of autonomous learning.

Teaching Acting Techniques: body control, voice and diction, creating characters, acting terminology, and stage presence.

Understanding fundamentals of play production: technical areas, casting/rehearsing, the director's role, organization of production, and theatre terminology.

Presenting improvisational and scripted material:  synthesizing all elements into a finished product, analyzing the play both as literature and performance piece, and evaluating performances through post-production feedback.

Lower School Theatre Art
Grades 1-4- Full year

Middle School Theatre Art
5th Grade Drama - Semester
6th Grade Drama - Semester
7th Grade Drama - Semester
8th Grade Drama - Semester

Courses Offered in the Upper School:

Acting I
Acting II
Costume Design
Improv I
Improv II
Shakespeare & Company
Stage Craft
Theatre for Social Change
Topics in Technical Theatre
Winter Show

Detailed Course Information