Winter Show 2023

The Influenced Invalid

A World Premiere!
By Ryn Stafford
Adapted from The Imaginary Invalid by Moliere

January 26 at 7 PM
January 27 at 7 PM
January 28 at 2 PM

All shows are in the BlackBox Theatre. Please use Door 4.

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MPA has commissioned professional playwright, Ryn Stafford, to adapt a brand-new play - just for us! Inspired by our life and times, Ryn has set Moliere's original play The Imaginary Invalid in today's Covid pandemic. The resulting play is ridiculous, funny, smart, and satirical. Join us for an evening full of belly laughs and gummy bears!

Synopsis: Argan is a passionate theatre director who feels overwhelmed with all that she must manage. A hypochondriac through and through, Argan heads to the internet to find a magical cure from so-called "health gurus" (who are really just influencers looking to make a buck... or a million). Argan's coworkers and friends are worried about her and the fact she buys these promotional wellness fads hook, line, & sinker. Will Argan's friends save her from herself in time, or will she be stuck in a self-perpetuating sick-bubble forever?

All Shows in the BlackBox Theatre.