Advisory Program

Grades 5 and 6
The advisory program is an essential component of the Middle School. The program is focused on four specific goals:

  1. Build students’ emotional intelligence and non-cognitive skills
  2. Support students’ academic success
  3. Strengthen community and foster interpersonal skills
  4. Provide individualized support and time for personal reflection

Fifth and sixth grade advisories meet together at the end of every day for thirty-five minutes, and advisors act as a liaison for parents/guardians and students. Each week, students will engage in curriculum focused on one of these goals, participate in purposeful team-building activities, and get time to work on assignments or to read independently. Students will also spend time at the beginning of each advisory period filling out their assignment notebooks.

Grades 7 and 8

In seventh and eighth grade, students are mixed together in groups of 10-14 students, and advisories meet two to three times per week for thirty-five minutes. Advisory time is used primarily for an enrichment class of the student’s choosing. One day per week is set aside for students to get help from teachers, make-up tests, do homework, and check-in with their advisors regarding academic progress.