Lower School

Mrs. WrightI extend a warm welcome to you from the Lower School, where it all begins at Mounds Park Academy! We serve children from PreK through grade four providing them with a nurturing environment, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and integrated approach to learning. Our students thrive and learn through hands-on, interdisciplinary, and experiential teaching strategies. We offer a college-preparatory curriculum while simultaneously developing the whole child. Students in Lower School have the opportunity to take classes in art, music, world language, physical education, library and computer, which are taught by specialists in these areas.

A hallmark feature of Lower School is strong student/teacher relationships where students feel valued, respected, and supported. We celebrate our small class sizes, cross-divisional student interactions, and close community connections on one campus. Our teachers are committed to working with parents to form a partnership to support students and help them be successful. We nurture students in Lower School to become well-rounded, engaged, joyful learners. They emerge exceptionally well prepared for Middle School, but more importantly, with a foundation rooted in belonging and purpose.

Twenty-seven years of commitment to MPA collectively as a teacher, administrator, and MPA parent has instilled a deep passion in me for Mounds Park Academy and its mission. During these years I’ve developed sound knowledge of educational pedagogy and best practice as a classroom teacher, assistant director, and teacher evaluator. My recent graduate studies have broadened my knowledge and enriched my skills as a leader in Lower School. I encourage you to visit the Lower School at Mounds Park Academy to feel the warmth and excitement in our classrooms.

Renee Wright
Lower School Director