"We will never forget the experience of hosting a new daughter from Afghanistan. We taught each other about our families, daily habits, cultures, schoolwork, world happenings, politics, favorite foods, and how to have fun!"

Mounds Park Academy accepts international students in grades 7-12 and is seeking families of all kinds to open their hearts and homes to these international students for one semester, one year, or a student’s entire MPA experience.

A $10,000 per student stipend is paid to the host family to cover the cost of room, board, and transportation from August to June.

Benefits abound from the presence of international students for both the MPA community and host families including:
• a first-hand understanding of another’s culture, customs, beliefs, and experiences creating interconnectedness to other cultures of the world;
• a new perspective of the world through the eyes and life of your host child; and
• a life-long relationship with your child and connection to his/her natural family and country.

Mounds Park Academy will actively support the student and the host family through the entire MPA experience including:
• orientation for host families and students;
• continuous support for families and students;
• Advanced Language and Culture course and academic support;
• college application and preparedness counseling; and
• a $10,000 stipend to the host family for room, board, and transportation.

Contact Cory Becker-Kim, International Student Program Director, for more information about this exciting opportunity! To begin the process of becoming an MPA host family, please complete the application below and return via mail or email to Mounds Park Academy.