Students should plan on purchasing basic toiletry and school supply items upon arrival in Minnesota. These items can be purchased at minimal cost to the student and this helps reduce baggage checks and fees while traveling internationally. Students should pack what they feel they need, such as personal items that cannot be purchased or readily replaced during their time in the United States.

Standard Items

  • Passport
  • Plane Tickets
  • Student Visa
  • Glasses/Contact Lenses – bring extra
  • Backpack
  • Outlet adapter
  • Medications and medical insurance information
  • Small, personal items: stuffed animal, pictures, gifts, blanket, musical instrument, etc.

Bring clothing for a variety of weather and occasions. It is recommended you bring:

  • Summer clothing: shorts, short-sleeved shirts
  • Spring/autumn clothing: jeans/pants, long-sleeved shirts, light/medium-weight coat
  • Winter clothing: jeans/pants, warm socks, sweatshirts or sweaters
  • Shoes: a variety of shoes for different weather, including athletic shoes
  • Winter outerwear: Students can purchase a heavy coat, boots, mittens, and warm hat as the weather becomes colder. Host families will help international students shop.
  • Formal and semi-formal clothing: Students will have the opportunity to attend school dances and participate in school-related events or performances that may require nice clothes. Dress pants, skirts, shirts, and shoes will be necessary several times during a student’s attendance at MPA.