MPA's referral program is a simple way of saying a heartfelt "thank you" to current families who recommend the school to friends, family members, neighbors, or colleagues. It is a small token of our appreciation for sharing your experiences, perspectives, and love for Mounds Park Academy.

When a new student completes the MPA application process based on a recommendation from a current family, the current family will receive a $250 credit toward the following year's tuition. If the new student is accepted and the family enrolls, an additional $250 credit will be applied. The more students who are referred, the more credits current families will receive.

Please contact the Office of Admission at or 651-748-5577 if you have any questions. This is the most important way that new families come to our school—thank you for sharing MPA!



Step 1

Share your love for MPA with friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. through conversations, email, or the invitation below.


Step 2

When filling out the inquiry form, the prospective family should identify you as how they learned about MPA.


Step 3

When the new family completes the application process and/or enrolls, the current family receives a tuition credit.

Send An Invitation To Learn More To A Friend

When you submit the fields below, an email will be sent to the prospective family stating that you recommend Mounds Park Academy. You will receive a copy as well. To indicate their interest in MPA, the family will be asked to submit MPA's inquiry form. We will not reach out to the family or use their email address unless they actively express their interest in learning more. Please consider following up with a personal conversation, phone call, or email as well.

Reaching out to make a personal connection is typically the most effective way to recommend MPA. This could be done over a cup of coffee, a heartfelt email, in the stands during a game, on a treadmill at the gym, or even over the proverbial water cooler. Another way to recommend MPA is by filling out the form above. We will send an email to the prospective family for you. Finally, the Office of Admission would be happy to prepare a packet of information about MPA for you to share, should that be helpful.

Regardless of the method of communication, speak from your heart. Current families have vast networks of people including friends, colleagues, neighbors, extended family members, acquaintances through activities, etc. Sharing your love of MPA with those people is, by nature, a generous act of kindness—you are trying to help the prospective family find a wonderful school community and a second home.

For a credit in the fall of 2022, only families enrolled for the 2021-22 and the 2022-23 school years are eligible. For a credit in the fall of 2023, only families enrolled for the 2022-23 and the 2023-24 school years are eligible. Faculty and staff are eligible if their child/children are enrolled at MPA.

The program applies only to new family applicants. The credit may be awarded for each individual new student in a family. Siblings of current students do not qualify.

When a new family inquires about MPA, they should note the referring family's name on the inquiry form or with admission staff. This information will be tracked in MPA's admission database.

The tuition credit will be split equally between the referring families.

The one-time tuition credit will be made in September of each year, once all students have applied and enrolled for the current year. This program is a tuition credit and never a refund. The tuition credit may not be applied to the deposit paid. This is not an annual or recurring credit. The credit has no cash value.