MPA Talks

Wednesday, September 30
6 PM, live on MPA's Facebook page

This year’s MPA Talks is going virtual, and MPA community members, specifically alumni, will be given the platform to share their stories and knowledge. MPA Talks this year will be a platform devoted to the voices of people of color

Join us on Facebook live!

2020 Featured Speaker

Garseng attended MPA from grades 4-12 and went on to study Human Biology at Stanford University. He concentrated on nutrition and chronic disease management and initially thought about working as a primary care physician to continue this interest, but during his time in medical school at NYU, pivoted to psychiatry because the field afforded him more time to get to know patients deeply and personally. He is currently a resident psychiatrist at NYU and hopes to specialize in child-adolescent psychiatry, focusing his work with queer youth and young adults long-term. Get to know more about Garseng here.

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