A dream for tomorrow's MPA.

Together, We Dream

With your help, Together, We Dream: The Campaign for MPA has raised $4.6 million to give MPA students the tools, experiences, and environments they need to succeed. Together, we can create a lasting foundation that ensures MPA remains strong for years to come.

Together, we have reached these milestones.

Together We Dream Progress
About Giving

Together, we are growing the MPA of our dreams. Even better, we are growing the MPA of our children's dreams.


A Library That Goes Beyond Great - Fully Funded

Children's Libary

A Space Tailored To Little Readers - Fully Funded


A Place To Grow Our Bodies And Minds - Fully Funded


Securing Our Future - Fully Funded


A Track Worthy Of Panther Pride


Calling all freethinkers, free spirits, risk takers, right makers, dreamers, and doers. We need your support.

During the past few years, thanks to people just like you, Mounds Park Academy has experienced a resurgence. Our community members have stood up for what they value and given generously to enhance our programs, fund new initiatives, offer tuition assistance, provide resources for teachers, and improve our facilities. Read some of their stories and the stories of Together, We Dream below.


We've dreamed about MPA's future. Give now to bring that dream to life.

Your gift ensures a secure future for MPA, as well as new learning and social environments, and a continued legacy of Panther Pride. You may have questions before you join us on MPA's journey forward, and we're here to answer them.

If you have more questions, contact Jennifer Rogers, Director of Developent and Community Engagement, via email, or at 651-748-5532.

A: We’ve identified four Board-approved priorities that will benefit from this $5 million campaign. Through the funding of this capital campaign, we will create innovative learning environments with a new library, enhance social environments with a new commons, cafeteria, and kitchen, secure our future by growing our endowment, and advance athletics with a renovated outdoor track.

A: Together, We Dream thrives on the commitment of its volunteer leaders. These leaders are supported by Mounds Park Academy’s Board of Trustees, the Together, We Dream Committee, and staff members.

A: Together, We Dream is a culmination of conversations, formal interviews, focus groups with community members through a feasibility study, as well as Momentum 2020, MPA’s strategic plan, set forth by the Board of Trustees and school leadership. Campaign priorities and timeline were identified through this inclusive process. The capital projects outlined in the campaign for your support are the highest-need areas that must be addressed in order to improve upon the wonderful tradition of the MPA community and to build toward the future.

A: The goal for Together, We Dream is $5 million.

  • Creating New Learning Environments through a new library: $2 million (fully funded)
  • Enhancing Social Environments through a new commons, cafeteria, and kitchen: $2 million (fully funded)
  • Securing Our Future by growing our endowment: $500,000 (fully funded)
  • Advancing Athletics and Panther Pride through a renovated outdoor track: $500,000

A: Yes. Donors are encouraged to consider multi-year pledges as a way to make more significant investments than might be possible with one-time cash gifts. The pledge option and alternative giving methods such as gifts of stock or other property provides supporters with opportunities to make a significant impact and to leave a mark on this exciting phase of growth at MPA.

A: Yes. MPA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donors will receive receipts and are encouraged to consult with a tax advisor for complete details.

A: Yes. Gifts can be given to be used as the school sees the best fit, or can be restricted to a particular campaign initiative. This can be indicated on the pledge card or by discussing the possibilities with the Office of Development

A: There are many options for investors to consider when determining the size and type of gift for Together, We Dream: The Campaign for MPA. Please discuss your options with the Office of Development. Donors also benefit because gifts are tax-deductible and is often matched dollar-for-dollar by many employers. Be sure to check with your employer to learn more about its matching gift program.

A: Yes. There are many ways to make your gift even more special. One is by using it to name a part of the renovation project so it leaves a permanent legacy. A variety of giving levels and opportunities exist in support of the level of recognition that makes sense for you. Please contact the Office of Development for the full list.

A: For more information please contact Jennifer Rogers, Director of Development and Community Engagement, at 651-748-5532.


Honor where we've been. Power our way forward.

The path that brought MPA to this campaign was paved in kindness. Generous and committed community members asked: "What more can we do?" MPA is already great, already doing important work, and already giving our students a place to be challenged, loved, and discover who they are meant to be. But we can do more. And—now, more than ever—we will.