Mounds Park Academy inspires all students, PreK-12, under one roof on one 32 acre campus in Saint Paul. From the playground, where respectful discourse is cultivated and students are trained as conflict managers, to the cafeteria where scratch-made and locally-sourced lunches nourish minds and bodies, the focus of life on campus is always on the children. Our library boasts 25,000 titles and resources to take students' research to the next level. The Virtual Classroom's technology enables students to make greater connections between people and ideas through real-time courses, conversations, and exploration.

Above all else, a warm environment is cultivated and nurturing programs are offered like the afterschool Panther Club and Panther Den programs. This brings out the best in each and every student and is why our students and families wholeheartedly report that our campus feels like home from the very first day. We invite you to explore some of the finer details of life on campus.