Mounds Park Academy, in partnership with Sage Dining Services, offers scratch-made and locally-sourced lunches for students that nourish minds and bodies while emphasizing healthy variety and sustainability. The meals are healthy, plentiful, and tasty. A full salad bar, including a mini version for our littlest students, supplements the daily entrées. Warm vegetarian lunches are offered daily and food allergies are regularly and successfully managed.

Plenty of time is given for students at each division level to get through the short line and eat their meals. In Lower School, students sit with their teachers during lunch, ensuring that each student is supported throughout the meal. In Middle and Upper School, students sit in mixed age groups of their choice, offering an expanded social network.

In addition, MPA believes in the importance of giving children time for recess. In Lower School, that means students have 55 minutes for lunch and recess. Even in Middle and Upper School they have 50 minutes for lunch, recess, and/or community time. Children of all ages need time to play and socialize! This is vital to their social, emotional, and academic development.