The MPA community—from our families and students to our faculty and staff—is built upon shared values, not geography, and is committed to collaboration. The partnerships formed between MPA faculty, staff, and families are a cornerstone of our community at every grade level and ensure that all supportive adults in each child's life work together with a deep mutual understanding and respect. Frequent communication and accessible teachers ensure caregivers are engaged with their child's education while simultaneously offering students appropriate opportunities to make their own good decisions.

Beyond the student-teacher-family partnership, Mounds Park Academy is supported by a strong Parents Association, an organization of volunteers who actively support the MPA mission and promote community within the school. The Parents Association fosters the PreK-12 community by promoting understanding, trust, and positive opportunities; facilitates family and school communication by gathering, coordinating, and sharing information; offers a variety of options for family participation in the life of the school; gives our students additional resources for learning; and provides support to acknowledge and encourage the excellence of MPA's faculty, administration, and volunteers.

In addition, many opportunities exist for caregivers to get involved with the school's daily operations and special events. The support of our volunteers, at all grade levels, is central to Mounds Park Academy being able to offer the exceptional opportunities it does.