Your child is an original.

MPA embraces every child’s differences and offers an individualized journey that reveals who he or she is truly meant to be. Arts, athletics, academics—your child can and will do it all here while being encouraged to follow success and find lessons in failure.    

Your child is brilliant.

Will she be ready for college? Absolutely. Will he be prepared for life? Wholeheartedly. Far deeper than memorization, academic rigor at MPA presents a purpose. Deep content knowledge, combined with the inspiration to use that knowledge to improve our world, prepares our students to enter college at a place beyond their peers.    

Your child is a dreamer and a doer.

We move, we play, we dream, we do—MPA embraces wonder and creativity and never, ever stifles it. We roll up our sleeves and get dirty. We go outside, around the corner, and across the world to explore real world topics. By presenting every single day as wonder-filled, your child will experience the joy of learning that will forever instill curiosity and a passion for knowledge. 

Your child needs this community.

At MPA, every child is known, understood, and always treated with kindness and respect by peers and teachers alike. Connections are fostered through intentional collaboration at and among grade levels. This results in a confidence that only comes from being a valued, contributing member of a community.

Your child is a freethinker.

Children have opinions, emotions, and arguments. At MPA, expression is encouraged and expected. Respectful discourse and critical thinking provide the greatest preparation for life. Because only when your child has the confidence and courage to challenge the status quo, will he or she be able to dream big and do right.

There's so much more to know about Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School at Mounds Park Academy! We would love to get to know you and your entire family.