At Mounds Park Academy, we know that for students to thrive, they must have opportunities to discover their passions and interests. Being involved in extra-curricular activities is expected and encouraged at MPA, and that has a profound affect on the culture and character of the school. In fact, MPA looks for students who aren’t afraid to jump in and explore new things. We know that students consistently perform better academically when they’re involved in other parts of the school. They develop broader groups of friends, greater self-confidence, and deeper levels of empathy and compassion. They become inspired by their experiences and unafraid of taking on new challenges.

Mounds Park Academy believes that physical education and competitive athletic programs complement the academic experience, which is why we offer one of the broadest prep school athletics programs in the Twin Cities. Many MPA coaches are teachers, and the fields and courts are extensions of their classrooms. We encourage each MPA student to participate and strive for excellence. Student athletes develop commitment, character, discipline, perseverance, initiative, leadership, cooperation, self-reliance, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Middle School Activities

Middle School Athletics

Coding Club
Dynamic Cartoons
French Cooking
Hour of Code
Lego Robotics
Mad Science
Maker Club
Math Counts (7&8)
Math Masters (5&6)
Middle School Dances
Middle School Plays (Fall and Spring)
MPA Spring Musical
Piano Lessons
Quiz Bowl (7&8)
Sailing Club (7&8)
Science Club
Sports Club (5th Grade)
Swim Team
Student Council
World Language Contests


Cross Country (6–12)
Soccer (7–12)
Football (7–12)
Basketball (6–12)
Nordic Skiing (7–12)
Alpine Skiing (7–12)
Baseball (6–12)
Track and Field (6–12)
Golf (7–12)
Tennis (7–12)
Sailing (7-12)


Volleyball (6–12)
Cross Country (6–12)
Soccer (7–12)
Swimming (7–12)
Tennis (7–12)
Basketball (6–12)
Nordic Skiing (6–12)
Alpine Skiing (7–12)
Track and Field (6–12)
Softball (7–12)
Golf (7–12)
Sailing (7-12)