Innovation at MPA begins with a culture that gives permission to create and explore, placing the appropriate value on making mistakes and celebrating failures. It also entails giving students a voice in their learning, accompanying them on a journey of self-discovery, and being attentive to their passions. Several examples at MPA include:

  • Middle School i-Term: The ā€œiā€ in i-Term expresses several elements important to cultivating innovation: independent thinking, inquiry, individualization, intrinsic motivation, and investigation, to name a few.
  • Makerspace: The Makerspace is used by students PreK-12. This collaborative learning space is a place where the community gathers, shares, creates, innovates, and inspires each other.
  • Virtual Classroom: Used by students PreK-12, this allows students to take digital field trips and connect with experts normally inaccessible. Upper School students are able to take real-time courses from master teachers across the country.
  • Certificates of Distinction: Upper School students are allowed to pursue their academic passions beyond MPA's already-rigorous education. Significant time and motivation are needed and rewarded.

MPA is deeply committed to cultivating an innovative spirit in our students, guiding them on a journey toward creative confidence. This is accomplished through large ways, like the ones listed above, and small ways, including the way teachers approach problems from multiple perspectives and encourage risk taking on a daily basis.