The purpose of our Student Support Services Team is to provide support and guidance to our students who are experiencing challenges that are impacting them at school. These difficulties may be emotional, social, academic, behavioral and/or health-related in nature. The team consults and guides teachers and families as well.

Students with documented disabilities are eligible for a support plan. These plans are individualized, and include an overall student profile as well as accommodations based on assessment information, family input, and MPA’s guidelines. The support plan is then shared with the student’s teachers so that accommodations can be provided in the classroom.

Grade Level Meetings
Middle School teachers meet for bi-weekly grade level meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to closely monitor student progress, celebrate student achievements, and plan for upcoming grade level activities and events. This regular communication ensures that we are connected with all students and life in Middle School. Please be assured confidential information is shared on a need-to-know basis and only when it is in the student’s best interest.

Student Support Team
If there are ongoing or significant concerns regarding a student, a referral is made to the Student Support Team for additional consultation and support. This team consists of the director, dean, counselors and the learning specialist; teachers and advisors are included as needed. This group gathers information, develops and initiates a plan to help support the student, and does periodic checks to monitor student progress as well as partner with families.

Meet the Team

Ashley CooperDr. Jenn Milam, Middle School Director
Dr. Milam serves as the Middle School director for students in grades 5-8. An important part of her role is to ensure that all students’ needs are met: academic, emotional, social, and physical. Dr. Milam works with both individuals and small and large groups to mediate problems, provide academic support, and connect with parents.


PattiPatti Meras
Patti Meras serves as our Middle School Dean. She has been a middle school English and social studies teacher for the majority of her career, and holds a BA in English and an MA in Special Education. She is passionate about serving others and looks forward to partnering with MPA families, teachers, and students.


Ashley CooperAshley Cooper
Ashley Cooper serves as our 7-12 school counselor. She partners with teachers, parents, staff and administrators to support students' social and emotional health. Ms. Cooper meets with students individually and in group settings, provides in-service education on various mental health topics, collaborates with families and teachers on student support plans, and provides community referrals. She holds a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Bethel University.


Dr. Jules NolandDr. Jules Noland
Dr. Jules Noland is available to students and parents of all grades, and conducts student assessments as the need arises. Parents may contact her directly at or 651-426-4297. She is a licensed psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, and president-elect for the state association of school psychologists. Dr. Noland brings expertise in child and adolescent mental health, behavioral issues, school performance, learning issues, and effective teaching and parenting strategies.

Learning Specialist

Robyn KramerRobyn Kramer
Robyn Kramer serves as our Lower and Middle School Learning Specialist. She is a resource to students, families and teachers. She provides a variety of support in the Middle School including: coordination of student support plans and grade level meetings, guidance on the assessment process, consultation and support of classroom accommodations, testing accommodations, review of admission files, and coordination of services and referrals with ISD 622. Ms. Kramer holds a B.A. from St. Catherine’s and an M.A. from the University of St. Thomas.

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