Graduation Requirement: One-quarter Credit

Mounds Park Academy’s Health Department encourages a positive self-concept that goes beyond the absence of disease or infirmity and helps students recognize and make responsible decisions in all areas of health and well-being. We promote personal growth and the ability to cope with stress, peer pressure, and change. The ultimate goal of the curriculum is the development of behavior in students that promotes following personal and community practices that encourage a lifetime of optimal health and well-being.

Courses Offered

Course offerings are contingent on MPA policies regarding student enrollment numbers for each class.

Grades: Grade 9
Credit: .25
Prerequisites: None.

Health Education provides students with knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make health-promoting decisions. The classes address the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. Good health is not a one-time decision but a series of decisions continuing throughout our lives. By examining such topics as alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, first aid/CPR, comprehensive sex education, students' progress toward independent living. Through discussion, peer leadership, oral presentations, and projects students take an active role in their education.