Fine Arts Graduation Requirement: Three Credits total from the fine arts (art, music, and/or drama)

We believe that music is basic to the human experience and an integral part of a complete education. All students, regardless of ability, should have an opportunity to participate in music and develop their individual talents. By balancing skill acquisition with artistic expression, we strive to help each student maximize his or her musical potential. Students' involvement in music making fosters life skills such as leadership ability, self-discipline, problem solving, cooperation and community building. The ultimate goal of the Mounds Park Academy Music Department is to cultivate within our students a lifelong appreciation and commitment to music.

Courses Offered

Course offerings are contingent on MPA policies regarding student enrollment numbers for each class.

Grades: Grades 9-12
Credit: .5
Prerequisites: Audition

Numbering between sixty-five and seventy students, Concert Choir is the largest vocal ensemble at MPA. Studying a wide variety of music for mixed choirs, singers receive instruction in vocal technique, music literacy, and performance practice. Through large group rehearsals, sectionals, and small group lessons, students demonstrate their knowledge of choral music notation, improve singing skills, master their vocal part, and practice increasingly expressive singing. Public concerts are held three times a year to showcase the choir’s work.

Grades: 10-12
Credits: .5
Prerequisites: Audition

The most select singing group in the school, Madrigal Singers study and perform many genres of music, from Gregorian Chant to music of today. As members of a small, mixed ensemble, students demonstrate vocal leadership, an ability to sing their vocal part independently, improved vocal techniques, strong sight-reading and aural skills, and enhanced expression. Performances include three regular concerts and other special appearances in school and in the community.

Grades: 9-12
Credit: .5

The love of singing continues to be explored in Upper School. In our non-auditioned group, Varsity Choir members receive instruction in vocal technique, music literacy, and the ability to sing expressively. Students study a wide variety of choral literature that is specifically written for beginning mixed ensembles (soprano, alto and baritone). Via classroom and public performances, students demonstrate mastery of their choral part and how to function within an ensemble.