The following description of Speaking Proficiency includes information about functions the speaker can perform with the language, the context in which that speaker can function, as well as the degree of accuracy with which the message is communicated and/or understood.

The Intermediate-Mid speaker
Handles successfully a variety of uncomplicated, basic and communicative tasks and social situations. Can talk simply about self and family members. Can ask and answer questions and participate in simple conversations on topics beyond immediate needs, e.g., personal history and leisure activities. Speech may be characterized by frequent long pauses, since the smooth incorporation of even basic conversational strategies is often hindered as the speaker struggles to create appropriate language forms. Although misunderstandings still arise, the Intermediate-Mid speaker can generally be understood by native speakers used to dealing with non-native speakers.

The Intermediate-High speaker
Handles successfully most uncomplicated tasks and social situations. Can initiate and close a general conversation with a number of strategies appropriate to a range of circumstances and topics. There is emerging evidence of connected discourse, particularly for simple narration and description in the present, past and future.