The Mounds Park Academy Lower School is designed to provide a joyful and nurturing environment for students in pre-kindergarten through grade four. Lower School is colorful, inclusive, and inviting. It is also calm and safe so that young learners feel free to explore, ask questions, and develop a sense of who they are.

Our Whole Child Approach to Teaching and Learning

Through hands-on inquiry and interdisciplinary learning, Lower School faculty ensure that the curiosity and sense of wonder inherent in children flourishes. We expose students to a wide variety of subjects taught by subject-matter specialists, including drama, technology, fine arts, world language, physical education, library, and more, helping them see that everything they learn relates to themselves and to our world. They discover the beauty of our diverse cultures and identities to begin developing the skills for creating a more socially just world.

Each morning, students gather in homeroom where they begin the day's journey. Units are written around themes and often integrate a number of concepts and skills, so children learn to graph on the computer when they are measuring their plants or learn what makes a credible information source when conducting research. Multiple perspectives are taken into consideration at all stages of the learning process.

In Lower School at MPA, we foster the development of the whole child by:

  • introducing children to a myriad of experiences
  • helping students understand that all subjects relate to each other and that everything they learn relates to them
  • preparing students for continued academic success in Middle School and Upper School;
  • giving children opportunities to collaborate and learn to work well with others
  • kindling and then nurturing a love of learning

As young students master skills and grow in conceptual understanding, the curriculum becomes more complex. As skills are mastered, new layers emerge. As discussions deepen, greater understanding is fostered. As creativity ignites, diverse solutions are considered, and new opportunities explored. MPA faculty (PreK-12) carefully plan all facets of study to interconnect and build upon each other, year by year.

Students remain engaged through challenges and failures because the learning is meaningful, inclusive, and applicable to their world. They are happy to come to school each day, no matter the challenge. Students emerge from Lower School exceptionally well prepared for Middle School, but more importantly, with a foundation rooted in belonging and purpose.


MPA considers each child a classroom of one–an individual in the making who has a set of gifts and talents unlike any other. Teachers who care deeply take the time to understand what inspires, what engages, and what matters most to each student. Small class sizes allow our teachers to be closely attuned to the gifts and challenges of each child in the classroom and they know how to bring out the best in everyone. The student teacher ratio helps ensure that each child receives the attention they deserve.

Character Education

Character is cultivated in Lower School throughout daily activities and a formal program. Student-led assemblies, focused lessons, modeling, and conflict management education help students learn about respect, inclusivity, compassion, and more from each other. Play and meaningful socialization foster students who thrive in our community emotionally as well as intellectually. They feel respected, understood, and connected, so their confidence soars.

Lower School Admission Process

The admission process is made up of a series of steps that will help us get to know students who are considering a private school education at Mounds Park Academy. We also encourage families to join us on campus for a variety of events throughout the year as that is the best way to learn about all of the wonderful opportunities Mounds Park Academy has to offer.


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