OHSA requires MPA to share the following information with its families. As a matter of policy, the school maintains a safe and healthy environment for our community. If you have any questions or concerns about the school's program in any of these areas, please contact the facilities manager at 651-777-2555 ext. 650.

About Indoor Air Quality at MPA
MPA is proud to provide a safe, comfortable, and productive environment for our students and staff so that we may focus on achieving our core mission—educating students.

Our school follows the EPA guidance to improve our indoor air quality by preventing as many problems as possible. Good air quality requires an ongoing commitment by everyone in our school.

MPA works with MacNeil Environment to keep in compliance with the federal and state government rules. We reference these guidelines from the EPA to address specific issues. There is a copy of the written plan in the school's Maintenance Office.

In addition to the facilities manager, you may contact MacNeil Environmental, Inc., at 800-642-6730 with any questions.

About Integrated Pest Management at MPA
Pests have the potential to sting, bite, contaminate, cause property damage, spread disease, cause asthma, and/or trigger an allergic reaction. Therefore, MPA must prevent and control them. Our school utilizes the service of a licensed, professional pest control firm for the prevention and control of pests in and around school buildings and grounds. All pest control materials are chosen and applied according to federal law.

Due to the rare occurrence of pests, Mounds Park Academy does not currently have a formal pesticide application schedule for building interiors. Due to their potentially toxic nature, these materials, if used, would be applied in a manner to ensure maximum efficiency, with minimal hazard. 

Because long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong may not be fully understood, the school requires the least amount and least toxic pesticides available be used.

Families may request to be notified prior to pesticide applications on school property. Pesticides include chemicals which are used to control insects, weeds, rodents or other pests as defined by the law. To make such a request, please fill out a request form at the Business Office.

About Asbestos at MPA
Federal legislation requires each school in the nation to complete a stringent inspection for asbestos and to develop a plan of management for all asbestos-containing building materials. MPA has a goal to be in full compliance with this law and follows the spirit, as well as the letter of the law.

In keeping with this legislation, MPA has been inspected by EPA-accredited inspectors and samples were analyzed by an independent laboratory. Based on the inspection, the school prepared and the state approved a comprehensive management plan for handling the asbestos located within its buildings in a safe and responsible manner.

Federal law requires a periodic walk-through (surveillance) every six months of each area containing asbestos. In addition, the law requires all buildings to be re-inspected every three years after a management plan went into effect. MacNeil Environmental, Inc. is under contract to accomplish these tasks for MPA.
MPA has a list of the locations and types of asbestos containing materials found in the school building, as well as a description and timetable for their proper management. A copy of the asbestos management plan is available for review in the Maintenance Office.

In addition to the facilities manager, you may contact MacNeil Environmental, Inc., at 800-642-6730 with any questions.