Panther Club is the extended day program of Mounds Park Academy. We share a common goal in providing a safe, enjoyable, nurturing, and educational environment for all children who enter. Please read this handbook and become familiar with our policies and procedures.

By working together, we can provide the very best care for children before and after school.

Panther Club Contact Information

AM Panther Club

Age of Students we serve: Kindergarten through 4th grade

Hours of Operation: 7-8 AM
Cost: $5.50 per day

Children who arrive at school between 7 and 7:50 AM are required to join AM Panther Club, which is located in the Panther Center. There is no charge for children who arrive after 7:40 AM. Panther Club is a safe and relaxing way to start the school day. Caring staff supervises while children study, read, or engage in free play and crafts. Students are dismissed to their classes at 7:55 AM.

PM Panther Club

Age of Students we serve: K-4
Lower School Program capacity: Up to 70 children. Staff/Child ratio is 1:15.

Hours of Operation: 3-6 PM
Cost: $14.50 per day

Panther Club is a safe and nurturing after school program in which children are allowed choices in play areas, arts and crafts, large muscle activity, as well as quiet study time and homework assistance if needed. Panther Club often facilitates special cooking projects or science experiments as well as special interest clubs and groups. Panther Club offers one fresh and healthy snack at 3 PM, provided by Sage Dining.

Sign-up for After School Panther Club

After school Panther Club requires registration in CourseStorm to facilitate planning. There is no deadline for joining the program.

After School Panther Club schedule

3-3:10 PM Arrival to Panther Center
3:10-3:15 PM Check-In and Snack
3:30-4 PM Large Muscle/Outside Play
4-4:30 PM HOURS (Homework or Uninterrupted Reading and Study)
4:30-6 PM Choice time/programming activity


Afternoon Panther Club offers one snack at 3 PM. We serve only 100% juice, milk or water. Sage Dining provides our fresh and healthy snacks. If you have any dietary requests or restrictions, please contact Panther Club so we can make accommodations. If you wish to send a snack from home, that is fine also.

Outdoor Play

We go outdoors many times a week, weather permitting. All children who are well enough to be at Panther Club are expected to participate in outdoor activities. We will follow school guidelines for indoor recess in the event of cold weather. In hot weather, we will follow hot weather safety precautions by limiting time outside and offering water breaks.

Panther Club Staff

All Panther Club staff members must complete a background check before working in the program. Staffers are trained in First Aid, CPR, and epi-pen use.

Lower School Panther Club Required Sign-In/Out Procedure

You must sign your child out every afternoon. Any authorized person who is picking up a child from Panther Club must have available proper photo identification which may be checked by Panther Club staff. An authorized person must be at least 16 years of age and listed on the Emergency Card. Permission to pick up may be granted in writing, with parent/guardian signature, and dated. Emails from parents/guardians are permitted. Verbal permission will not be accepted. In emergency situations, an exception may be made if Panther Club staff are able to call back to a previously provided number on the emergency forms to verify the call came from a parent/guardian.

FOB/Buzzer System

Panther Club parents will have access through the south entrance from 3-6 PM by a limited-use fob (a small deposit will be required) which can be picked up in the north reception area (business office). The buzzer system will have both a visual feed and a voice feed. A receptionist at the north entrance between 4:30 and 6 PM will monitor access to the south entrance.

After School Electronic Device Policy

Leave electronics, cell phones, and valuables at home or in your locker. Children can be reached directly through Panther Club phone 651-748-5571 (call or text). Using devices to watch television shows or consume other media is strictly prohibited.

Lower School Full Day Panther Club

Age of Students we serve: Kindergarten through 4th grade
Program capacity: Up to 30 children. Ratio is 1:15.
Hours of Operation: 7 AM-6 PM
Cost: $65 per day
*Enrollment minimum is five students (must be registered at least two weeks prior to day of service)

On many non-school days, Panther Club is open from 7 AM until 6 PM. We offer supervision from qualified staff, healthy snacks, fun activities, arts and crafts, and fun themed activities for children in grades K-4.

Registration forms are sent home with your child at least one month before the scheduled full release day. You must register your child by the deadline listed. There is a $10 late registration fee for each late registration accepted—but please note that late registrations may not be accepted due to limited space.

Full day care service will be canceled if minimum enrollment (five students) is not reached two weeks prior to the day of service. Please read each registration form for additional information and policies. You may submit school release day registration forms to your child’s teacher, the Lower School office, or Panther Club staff. You will be billed at the end of the month for service. Please do not send payment with registration.

Our release day schedule varies depending on theme and activities, field trips, and projects, however, we do try to maintain a consistent schedule.

Full Day Panther Club example schedule

7-9 AM Arrival/Choice Time
9-9:30 AM Large Muscle/Outside Play
9:30-10 AM Morning Meeting
10-11:30 AM Theme related activities
11:30 AM-1:30 PM Lunch and Recess/ Large Muscle/Outside Play (Students must bring lunch from home)
1:30-2:15 PM DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read)–children can also rest during this time
2:15-3 PM Theme related activities
3-3:30 PM Snack
3:30-4 PM Large Muscle/Outside Play
4-6 PM Free Choice
*This schedule will vary on field trip or special event days.

Please do not hesitate to contact a staff for further information. We are proud to serve our Lower School families!