At Mounds Park Academy, we feel our Lower School students benefit from wearing uniforms. We believe that uniforms contribute to a positive school climate and keep students in a “student” mindset. Uniforms bring consistency and cohesion to clothing and cut down on competition. We invite parents to join us in this effort.

Obtaining Uniforms:

MPA Used Uniform Sale
August and January

Donald’s Uniform
972 Payne Avenue
St. Paul, MN

  White Light yellow Light blue Navy blue Dark Green
Slacks:  chino or corduroy (no sweatpants or leggings) Leggings may be worn under a skirt or jumper. Capris.       X  
Shorts:  Navy blue or navy watch plaid. No short shorts, camp shorts, gym shorts, tennis shorts or cut-offs.       X  
Jumpers/Skirts/Skorts: Jumper, chino skirt or skorts. Navy blue or navy watch plaid with white background. No lace or trim on jumpers, skirts, or skorts.       X  
Dresses: Navy blue polo dress (Land’s End)       X  
Shirts:  Oxford cloth dress shirts, or Perma press shirts, long or short sleeve X X X X  
No shawls or ponchos          
Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks X X X    
Knit shirts with collar and placket, long or short sleeve X X X X  
(solid colors only)
X X   X X
V-neck pullovers
(solid colors only)
X X   X X
Sweater vests
(solid colors only)
X X   X X
Crew neck pullovers
(solid colors only)
X X   X X
Navy Blue Fleece with an MPA logo (sold through MPA)       X  
Navy Blue crew sweatshirts with MPA logo (no hoods) (sold through MPA)       X  
Socks/Tights Solid colors only X X   X X
No ribbed or cable knits          
Shoes:  any dress or athletic shoe is acceptable          
No flip-flops, clogs, roller shoes, flashing lights or sounds          
No Uggs or boots (These may be worn at outdoor recess)          
No necklaces and/or bracelets