Are you interested in volunteering to be a Grade Rep? Grade reps are at the heart of all the work done on behalf of the Parent’s Association. If you are interested in volunteering to be a Grade Rep, please contact the Parents Association, at

Basic Grade Reps’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • Send a welcome letter to all families introducing yourself at the start of the year.
  • Throughout the year, utilize Schoology and/or group email to communicate PA information to your grade-level families as needed. (Please note it is good practice to always use BCC on your emails.) In Lower School, representatives also connect with the teacher at the beginning of the school year. Depending on the teacher(s), Grade Reps may be asked to coordinate in-class parties and other volunteer activities during the year.
  • Plan two grade-level social gatherings during the year, a Back-to-School Party and an End-Of-Year Party. Funds for grade-level events are budgeted for and provided by the PA.
  • Coordinating a Spring Auction basket.
  • Help families in your grade-level navigate the year at MPA. This responsibility includes reaching out to new families, being available for questions from all the families at your grade-level and keeping up to date on events happening at MPA.
  • Communicating clearly with your fellow grade-level reps. There is no limit to the number of grade reps a class can have. It is up to each set of grade reps to connect and determine how the year’s responsibilities will be shared.

Grade Specific Responsibilities:

  • K Only Moving-Up Ceremony
  • 4th Grade Only At the end of the school year, create moving up T-shirts for each student to celebrate their moving into Middle School.
  • 8th Grade Only Collect photos of students to be used during the moving up ceremony.
  • 11th Grade Only Grade reps coordinate graduation decoration and reception planning and set-up. Budget and planning guidelines are already determined.

To access the contact information for the grade reps below, please refer to the online community directory in Schoology.

Current Grade Reps:

Lower School

  • PreK:
    • Grade Rep positions are currently open
  • Kindergarten:
    • Karen Chan
  • 1st:
    • Renee Roach
    • Andrea Goldstein
    • Kelley Still
  • 2nd:
    • Sarah Cotter
      Bethany Branan
  • 3rd:
    • Amanda LeBlanc
  • 4th:
    • Leslie Todero
      Sarah Cotter

Middle School

  • 5th:
    • Heidi Nelson
      Tina Heidelberg
  • 6th:
    • David Moline
  • 7th:
    • Grade Rep positions are currently open
  • 8th:
    • Rachel Parkin
      Reema Anwar
      Christine Larson
      Cymmone Carson
      Kate Maki

Upper School

  • 9th:
    • Pat Wyant
      Bea Alvarez
  • 10th:
    • Christine Larson
      Karen Weiss
      Vonda Schertz
      Rhonda Schafer
  • 11th:
    • Seema Anwar
      Julie Bixby
      Emily Binstadt
  • 12th:
    • Staci Banks
      Reema Anwar
      Jenn Gatti