As a grade rep you play a vital role in building community at MPA.

A Grade Rep is a parent or guardian who agrees to serve on behalf of one grade for the entire school year. Grade Reps play an important role in supporting and fostering the strong sense of community we enjoy as MPA families.

The basic roles and responsibilities are:

  • Connect with Families: Plan at least one get together that includes all parents or families early in the school year (Aug-Nov). An early get together is very important in welcoming new families to our community. End-of-the-year parties or parent-only socials are also a great way to get families together. Typically one social is a family event and one is for parents only.
  • Foster a sense of community in the grade by getting acquainted with the other families and encouraging grade level and MPA participation and community building.
  • Connect with the other Grade Reps for the grade and determining how the responsibilities can be shared.
  • Connect with the teachers for the grade at the beginning of the school year to see if there are any needs for the upcoming year. Depending on the teacher(s), Grade Reps are asked to coordinate in-class parties, and other volunteer activities during the year.
  • Represent your grade on pertinent event committees, LS, MS, or US school division meetings and attend new family socials. Attend MPAPA All School meetings if possible.
  • Coordinate a Spring Auction basket.
  • Communicate Create a group email to the class to communicate PA information. (Please note it is good practice always use BCC on your emails. Not everyone wants to get everyone else's response.)
    • Be familiar with the MPA calendar, your division director's communication, and PA events to help answer any questions families may have.
    • Reach out to new families and be available for questions.
    • It is also very helpful to attend any PA events, but not required.
      The above responsibilities can be divided between different grade Reps.
  • 4th grade only
    At the end of the school year, create moving up T-shirts for each student to celebrate their moving into Middle School.
  • 8th grade only
    Collect photos of students to be used during the moving up ceremony. 
  • 11th grade only
    Grade reps coordinate graduation planning and set-up. Budget and planning guidelines are already determined.
  • Budget & Expenses
    The PA budgets $500 per class to be used for parties. Funds are delivered to you through a reimbursement process. Forms can be found in the Treasurer folder in the teacher's lounge (among other mailboxes) and on our web page. The fastest way to get reimbursed is to email Barry Madore at with a completed form. Be sure to include photos of receipts. You can also drop them off in the Treasurer folder.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Grade Rep, please contact the Parents Association President at

To access the contact information for the grade reps below, please refer to the online community directory in Schoology.

Current Grade Reps:

Lower School

  • PreK:
    • Brooke Ghanbarzadeh
      Heidi Nelson
  • Kindergarten:
    • Brooke Ghanbarzadeh
      Heidi Nelson
  • 1st:
    • Andrea Dodson
      Sally Richie
      Heather Thurmes
  • 2nd:
    • Erica Huppert
  • 3rd:
    • Jacqui Ganser
      Christine Larson
      Jason Rengstorf
  • 4th:
    • Angela Johnson
      Anna King Davis
      Sally Richie

Middle School

  • 5th:
  • 6th:
    • Seema Anwar
      Emily Binstadt
      Amy Hawley
      Tara Lafferty
  • 7th:
    • Amy Hawley
      Gina Wallraff
      Christi Zweig
  • 8th:
    • Seema Anwar
      Emily Binstadt
      Tara Lafferty
      Christine Larson
      Melissa Peacock

Upper School

  • 9th:
    • Courtney Nagle
      Amy Purdy
      Jenn Walter
  • 10th:
    • Lynne Bardy
      Cindy Olk
      Blair Pogue
      Cari Simonson
  • 11th:
    • Catherine Harvanko
      Jennifer Holloway
      Melissa Peacock
  • 12th:
    • Jennifer Gatti
      Tina Jain
      Melinda Samsel