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  • MPA offers busing to and from Minneapolis, Stillwater/Lakeland, Woodbury, North Oaks/Roseville, St. Paul/Highland Park, and throughout District 622 .
  • Please sign up in TADS during the re-enrollment or enrollment process or contact Amanda Platson, Student Billing Coordinator, at 651-748-5502 or to add transportation to your contract.

For further details, please contact Rose Wick, Transportation Coordinator, at 651-748-5505 or

Parents with students of all ages take advantage of the bus services. Bus transportation is a safe and reliable way for students to get to and from school. MPA provides extra care, especially for younger students, to ensure that every student boards the correct bus safely. In addition, bus drivers do not leave a bus stop until all children are picked up by parents in the afternoon.

NEW! Minneapolis Bus Route
Due to unprecedented interest from families in the Minneapolis area, Mounds Park Academy will offer transportation to and from the South Minneapolis area for the 2019-20 school year. This is in addition to the regular routes detailed below.

  • To allow for participation in athletics, after school activities, and enrichment classes, this route will leave campus at 4:30 PM.
  • Unlike our other bus routes, the Minneapolis route will include before and after school care for Lower and Middle School children.

Route 5 - Minneapolis

Minneapolis Bus Route Pricing

Division First Child Second Child Three+ Children
Lower School $1,950 annually $1,750 annually $1,550 annually
Middle School $1,625 annually $1,425 annually $1,225 annually
Upper School $1,300 annually $1,100 annually $900 annually

Other MPA Bus Routes
MPA partners with Hill-Murray to provide four additional bus routes under a group stop model. The following routes will be offered for the 2019-20 school year. Unlike the Minneapolis route, these routes do not include before and after school care and leave campus at 3:10 PM.

Route 1 - Highland/Saint Paul

Route 2 - North Oaks/Roseville

Route 3 - Stillwater/Lakeland

Route 4 - Woodbury

Other MPA Bus Route Pricing (Non-Minneapolis)

First Child $1,300 annually ($145 per month)
Second Child $1,100 annually ($123 per month)
Three + Children $900 annually ($100 per month)

District 622 Bus Routes
School District 622 residents are eligible for free bus service, as Mounds Park Academy is located within this district. MPA will coordinate with the district to schedule the morning and afternoon routes, or to add students during the year. The routes below are for 2018-19. Routes for 2019-20 will be sent in August 2019.

Route A

Route B

Route C

Route D

District 622 Bus Route Pricing

In District 622 (North St. Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale) No cost

Transportation Reimbursement for Families
Many public school districts offer some travel reimbursement to families who live in their district but who are not attending local public schools. The amount and terms of the reimbursement vary from district to district. Each family should contact the local school district for further information about these reimbursements.

MPA Transportation Map
Represented on the map below you will find the grey dots as MPA families and the gold dots as MPA bus stops. In addition, District 622 offers extensive service to families within the district that is detailed above.