2021/22 BOARD:
President: Barry Madore
Vice President:
Secretary: Seema Anwar
Treasurer: Yuki Miyokawa
Community Development Coordinator: Staci Banks
Lower School Division Lead: Michelle Mick
Middle School Co-Division Leads: Christine Larson and Michelle Mick
Upper School Division Chair: Sandra Martinek
Communications Lead: Susan Knapp

The MPA Parents Association Board manages the MPA Parents Association and consists of the elected officers. Terms of office are one year, though officers may serve more than one consecutive term. More than one member can share any office and serve as co-officers. It is strongly recommended the president move into the Board of Trustees representative position to provide continuity. It is strongly recommended that vice president(s) move into the president position to provide continuity.

PA Board meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 8am and are open to parents and staff. For location information, email mpapa@moundsparkacademy.org.

PRESIDENT: The president is the chief executive officer of the Parents Association.
Duties include presiding over all meetings of the board, appointing (with the approval of the board) any standing and temporary committees, and ensuring the MPAPA is represented as needed. (Time commitment of no more than 40 hours/month)

Vice President: The vice president will assume the duties of the president in his or her absence and is also responsible for other responsibilities directed by the president and PA board. (Time commitment of no more than 30-40 hours/month)

Vice president of Grade Representatives Oversees the Grade Reps, which consists of recruiting grade reps, outlining expectations and responsibilities, and providing ongoing support and information throughout the year. (Time commitment of no more than 30-40 hours/month)

Secretary: The secretary distributes agendas, and keeps minutes and accurate records of all proceedings of the Parents Association and the MPAPA. The secretary is responsible for the preparation and distribution of reports of the MPAPA and for other communications to its members and performs other specific responsibilities as deemed necessary by the president and the PA Board. (Time commitment 2 hours/week)

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for the supervision of all financial matters (depositing income, paying expenses, paying grant awardees, and determining the Parents Association Annual Fund contribution) and preparing a financial report at the end of each school year. The treasurer analyzes the financial impact of various fundraising activities (magazine drive, fall and spring plant sales, recycled treasures), reconciles bank statements, reports balances at Parents Association and MPAPA Board meetings, and coordinates the tax return preparation. The treasurer and performs other specific responsibilities as deemed necessary by the president and the PA Board. (Time commitment 2 hours/week)

Board of Trustees Representative: The representative to the MPA Board of Trustees serves as a full member of that Board, or in the case of co-representatives, serve as co-members to the Board of Trustees, sharing one voting seat. The representative serves as liaison between the MPA Board of Trustees and the Parents Association and represents the interests of the members of the Parents Association in that capacity. (Time commitment 6 meetings yearly)

Division Chairs: Each Division Chair represents their respective divisions at all PA meetings. The division chairs consult regularly with the Division Directors to ensure that MPAPA activities are aligned with division policies and initiatives. Each division chair establishes and appoints the members of temporary. The Division Chair performs such other specific duties as may be established by the president of the MPAPA Board. (Time commitment 4 hours/month)