Below is a checklist to help you stay on track when you are visiting a college campus. You may want to print this page and bring it along on your visit.

Pick up...

  • a course catalog
  • campus and local newspapers
  • brochures on special programs
  • a campus map

Look at...

  • a yearbook
  • people in the offices and those who are touring
  • students on campus
  • bulletin boards and posters displayed on campus

Allow time to...

  • take a tour
  • visit with an Admission Counselor
  • eat a meal
  • talk to students
  • meet faculty and/or coaches
  • attend a social, athletic and/or cultural event
  • talk to students in academic or recreational areas of interest
  • stay overnight in a residence hall room
  • explore the neighborhood or city

Keep in mind...

  • The sunshine factor: A beautiful sunny day can be seductive; a rainy day can dampen you and your interest. Try not to let the weather affect your judgment.
  • Campus guides are not all alike: Some are lively, interesting students who are reliable spokespersons for the school; others may not be well rounded or informed. Don't judge a school solely by the one tour guide. Meet other students in order to get a true picture.
  • No single person represents an entire college: Keep in mind, most admission people and faculty are helpful, but here and there, one may be having a hard day. Don't be put off by one person who seems impatient with your questions.