The Panther Den program offers students in 5th through 8th grade a fun and safe place to stay before and after school. The program is offered on a drop in as needed basis with no advance registration required. Panther Den includes time for study and homework, outdoor and indoor play and group games, arts and crafts, a daily snack and more. Panther Den meets in the cafeteria at 3 PM for snack and attendance, retreating later to the Panther Den room. Panther Den also utilizes many of the school’s facilities, including the gallery, computer lab, playground, and gym.

All 5th-8th grade students still in the building at 3:20 PM without faculty supervision must sign in to Panther Den. This includes students who are enrolled in after school activities that do not start until after 3:20 PM. Siblings who wait for an older brother or sister are to be registered in the Panther Den program; an Upper School student may not supervise the younger student.

Hours, Rates and Payment

Panther Den is available from 3–6 PM for a fee of $12 per student per day. There is a late pickup fee of $1 per minute after 6 PM.

Dates of service are tallied for each month, and families are billed for the dates of use at the end of the month.

Full Day Care will be offered many days when school is closed. Information about full release days will be sent via email or can be found in Panther Den at least two weeks before the date. The fee for a full day of care is $60/day.

Sign in/Out from Panther Den

Students in 5th through 8th grade may sign themselves out provided their ride is on campus. Parents can communicate their arrival by calling the Middle School Panther Den directly at 651-748-5571 or by texting their child on their own personal device (the only purpose for which these devices will be allowed).

Location: Panther Den room–former Library space
Direct phone line: 651-748-5572
Extended Day/Summer Program Director: Russ Purdy (651-748-5571) or (

For more complete information, please click on the Middle School Panther Den Handbook.