Mounds Park Academy sits on more than 30 acres of land; much of it is used by students throughout the day. In accordance with Minnesota State Law, no person should be holding their mobile phone and their attention should be focused on driving safely throughout the MPA campus. 

Upper School Parking and Driving

Students driving to school must register their vehicle(s) each year with the Upper School Administrative Assistant before parking at MPA. Grade level parking passes are required for students to park on campus and parking permits must be visible during school hours. All students age 16 or older are presumed to be capable of driving and must be registered. Parents may write and sign a note stating their 16-year-old or older student will NEVER drive and park at MPA during the current school year. A consequence may be assigned to unregistered students who drive and park at MPA and to registered students who drive and park unregistered vehicles. 10th grade students may park in the West parking lot and 11th and 12th grade students may park in the North, West, and/or South parking lots. Students who park illegally on campus will receive a warning for a first offense. In cases of repeated violations, the car may be towed at the owner’s expense. If a student parks in a fire lane, they will be immediately pulled from class to move their car, as this is a safety issue.  

No student should go to the parking lot during the school day without permission. Students must bring all necessary books, food, and equipment from their cars upon arrival. For safety purposes, the school reserves the right to search cars parked on MPA property.  

All students must ride the bus to and from school sponsored after school activities unless being transported by a coach or parent. Exceptions may be granted, with parent permission, by the Athletic Director or Upper School Director.   

It should be understood that the gaining of a driver's license does not automatically provide permission to drive to and from school. Driving and parking at Mounds Park Academy is a privilege offered by the school to the students and must be accompanied by appropriate student behavior and responsibility.    

Driving to school is a privilege. We expect students to drive carefully and to show courtesy and caution when entering, exiting and driving in the parking lots.

Last Updated: August 26, 2019