At the core of our community is a spirit of mutual respect.

Mounds Park Academy expects that:  

  • All members of the school community feel physically, intellectually, and psychologically safe when at school or at school functions.   
  • All members of the MPA community are expected to be respectful at all times to each other, to visitors, and to school property. This expectation applies to all communications that members of the community have with each other, including electronic communication.  
  • In order to maintain a safe, positive, supportive community, all members of the MPA community have a responsibility to communicate instances of disrespect/harassment to the appropriate person(s), e.g., faculty, division directors, assistant directors, or other staff members.  
  • Issues of disrespect/harassment involving students will be dealt with by the appropriate division director. Consequences will depend on the age of the student(s) involved, the severity of the occurrence, and the number of related offenses. The consequences may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: A parent conference; counseling; loss of privileges; restitution; and suspension or expulsion, if warranted.  

Issues of disrespect/harassment involving adults will be dealt with by the Head of School and/or Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Last Updated: August 26, 2019