English: 4.0 credits  
Social Studies: 4.0 credits  
Math: 3.00 credits  
Science: 3.00 credits  
World Language: 3.0 credits  
Fine Arts: 3.00 credits  
Physical Education: 1.0 credits  
Health: 0.25 credits  

Additional electives beyond what is required: 5.75 credits  

Senior Service Project: 0.50 credits  

  • Each senior must complete one quarter credit of service in or out of the school (30 hours). One quarter credit is also required of students in grades 9-11, who must complete 10 clock hours of service in each of their 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years.  

Senior Seminar: 0.25 credits (Each senior must complete this mini-course during his/her senior year.)  
Senior Performance: 0.25 credit (Each senior must complete requirement during his/her senior year.)  

Total Academic Credits Required = 22.50 credits  
Total Credits Required for Graduation = 28.00 credits  

The remaining credits needed to meet the minimum requirement for graduation (5.50 credits) may be earned by taking elective courses offered throughout the curriculum. In the area of fine arts, we encourage students to take courses in each of the four areas (visual art, instrumental music, choral music, and drama) although they are not required to do so.  

Seniors are required to take a minimum of 6.00 academic credits, plus 0.25 senior seminar, 0.25 senior performance, and 0.50 service credits.    

Advanced courses taken in Grades 7 and 8 do not satisfy graduation requirements, but may be used for class placement purposes. 

Last Updated: August 26, 2019