In keeping with Mounds Park Academy’s Mission Statement, we address violations of our school community standards with clear, effective communication, respect, and integrity. Many colleges and universities ask students about disciplinary records as part of the college application process. This is typically at a level resulting in a school suspension. Mounds Park Academy expects students to truthfully respond to these questions. The school also will respond to such questions if/when asked by colleges and universities in the application and/or admission process. It is routine for colleges to request information about a student, including his or her academic performance, academic honesty, conformity to school rules, disciplinary infractions, extended absences from school, personal qualities, and character. When asked about infractions of Mounds Park Academy’s values and rules, MPA will disclose information about major disciplinary and documented infractions to the colleges to which a student has applied, even if the student has already been admitted. In some cases, Mounds Park Academy believes it is important to notify colleges of major disciplinary infractions even if not asked. It is often in the student's best interest to self-disclose any disciplinary information first before Mounds Park Academy makes a disclosure. MPA will work with students who incur a suspension or dismissal after receiving any offer(s) admission to report the disciplinary action to the appropriate post-secondary school(s). The student will be provided with a reasonable time period to make this disclosure, as well as assistance from his or her college counselor, before MPA will make its own report. Mounds Park Academy’s recommendation letters are not released to students and parents, as they are confidential communications between MPA and other educational institutions.

Last Updated: August 26, 2019