At MPA we pride ourselves on being an open, inclusive, and welcoming community for all. We value each other for our unique contributions to the community and respect differences that each of us bring. It is our hope that all members of the school community conduct themselves in ways that demonstrate consideration for others and that contribute to a sense of community. 

Upper School On-Campus and Off-Campus Behavior 

Mounds Park Academy is governed by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) guidelines which extend to behavior occurring outside of school. MPA will enforce MSHSL consequences resulting from off- campus violations.  

Mounds Park Academy may take disciplinary action for behaviors that adversely impact the safety of members of the community. This includes online (Internet, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) behavior and pertains to the posting or sending images or messages that negatively impact MPA or any members of the community. 


Examples of Disciplinary Responses 

The Upper School Director may recommend and impose the following consequences for violations of school guidelines. Final authority for all such decisions belongs to the Head of School. These examples do not constitute an exclusive list of possible responses and they may be taken in any order.  

  • Detentions and/or service to the MPA community are a consequence for students who misuse time or engage in minor infractions. These time- related violations include lateness to school, lateness to class, skipping an expected commitment (class, assembly, advisory), and dismissal from class because of disruptive behavior. 
  • Full Day Detention (In-School Suspension) is a consequence for violations of community norms that do not reach the level of suspension. Violations may include but are not limited to excessive detentions, skipping class, repeated pattern of small infractions, some cases of academic dishonesty or disrespect. A student serving full-day detention may not attend class, may not attend practices or rehearsals, and may not attend or participate in any school- sponsored activities on the day of the full-day detention. The student is responsible for all work missed on the day of the full-day detention.  
  • Suspension, the strongest consequence short of dismissal, may occur in response to the accumulation of minor violations or to a violation of a major school guideline. A suspension, a temporary break in the relationship between the student and the school, allows for reflection on what membership in this community entails. Suspended students may not be on campus, participate nor attend any extra-curricular activities. A re-entry meeting with the Upper School Director, and parents/guardians is required before the student may return to the community. A suspended student is responsible for making up all missed work, but should recognize that faculty will not be expected to offer help in assignments.  
  • Dismissal from Mounds Park Academy may be the consequence for repeated offenses or violation of a major school guideline. The Head of School, in consultation with the Upper School Director, makes this decision. Students who have been dismissed may be allowed on campus only with direct and explicit permission of the Head of School or Upper School Director. The school administration reserves the right to summarily suspend or dismiss any student for an offense that merits such a response.  

Minnesota State High School League 

As a member of the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL), Mounds Park Academy is bound by conditions of membership to report violations of League rules and to act on violations of League policies, including chemical use, sexual harassment, and possession of a weapon. We expect students to honor the integrity of their participation in MSHSL activities. 
The MSHSL policies govern participation in athletics, fine arts, and forensics. Consequences for the violation of MSHSL rules (for athletics and forensics) are listed in the MSHSL athletic eligibility bulletin. Consequences for fine arts participation are established by the school and prohibit participation in the next school drama production or MSHSL fine arts event. Seniors performing in their last event will have additional consequences. 
MSHSL sanctions do not replace school consequences. 

Records of Students Disciplinary Actions  

A written record of student disciplinary infractions up to the level of suspension is kept on file in the Upper School office. 

Reporting Disciplinary Actions  

Suspensions occurring during a student's high school career are considered reportable disciplinary actions throughout the college application process and through Mounds Park Academy graduation.  

When a specific disciplinary question is asked of a student on a college application, the college expects the student to provide a written report of the suspension with an honest, thorough explanation. MPA supports this request and the college counselor will advise the student in this process. The student must provide this information at the time of application.  

When discipline questions are asked on required college application forms to be completed by the counselor, the college counselor will provide a written response to the question, describing the situation and disciplinary action while continuing to support the student on behalf of the school.  

College admission offices may also require students to report any discipline action that occurs after a student has filed an application. According to the Common Application (used by more than 450 colleges and universities) “Applicants are expected to immediately notify institutions to which they are applying should there be any changes to the information requested in this application, including disciplinary history.” As with the initial reporting, the college counselor will advise the student in this process and also send a written report to the colleges.  

In the case of dismissal during the senior year after college applications have been filed, Mounds Park Academy will immediately provide a written update to all colleges where the student has an active application or has submitted an enrollment deposit that the student was dismissed from MPA and is no longer enrolled. Mounds Park Academy encourages students to communicate to their colleges the reasons and circumstances for their dismissal.  

Mounds Park Academy’s recommendation letters are not released to students and parents, as they are confidential communications between MPA and other educational institutions.

These policies are consistent with the current Statement of Principles of Good Practice of the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

Last Updated: August 22, 2019