Each year students make the choice of hot or cold lunch. Billing is through the Business Office. Students who take cold lunch do not have the option of eating hot lunch some days and bringing their own lunch on other days. However, students who forget their cold lunch on any given day will be offered hot lunch and can pay for it the following day. 


Hot Lunch 

  • Hot lunch for Grades 5-12 includes TWO beverages: EITHER (2) cartons of milk OR (1) carton of milk and (1) container of juice. 
  • Hot lunch for grades K- 4 includes ONE beverage: EITHER (1) carton of milk OR and (1) container of juice 
  • Third and fourth graders have access to the sandwich bar.  Younger students must be supervised when making a sandwich. 
  • Pre-K hot lunch is served family style in the cafeteria. 

Lunch Guidelines (Middle School)

All Middle School students eat lunch together following recess. Students may take hot lunch from school or bring their own lunch from home. Students who take hot lunch are asked not to share food with students who bring their own lunch. Students are provided with two beverages (milk or juice), and may purchase additional beverages if desired. Students may select any of the food entrees offered by the food service, but they should be mindful to not take more than they can eat. Students who bring their own lunch should not bring pop or candy. Students who forget their lunch may purchase a hot lunch. Such students may also purchase milk and/or juice on a daily basis, or prepay for the week or for the full year. Students who take food without paying will be billed, and may serve detention or be suspended for theft. Students are expected to remain seated while eating, use conversational tones when speaking, and walk in the cafeteria. Food should not be thrown. Announcements are made at the end of the lunch period. Students are dismissed by table, and rotate cleaning responsibilities throughout the year. 

Cold Lunch 

Students bringing lunches from home should not bring pop or candy. Nutritious choices are encouraged.

Note: Students bringing cold lunches may purchase milk and/or juice on a daily basis ($.25/milk and $.30 /juice), or you may choose to prepay for the week or the full year ($43.00 per year for milk and $51.60 per year for juice).

Visitors to Lunch 

Visitors (including parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) are welcome to join students for lunch at school. The fee for lunch is payable to the LS Administrative Assistant.

Cafeteria Rules 

  • Use a conversational tone when speaking.
  • Walk at all times in the lunchroom.
  • Once students are seated at the table they must remain seated.  If students need to return to the food line for seconds or get something they forgot they must get adult permission.
  • Be respectful and use good manners. (Do not play with your food.)
  • Listen attentively during announcements.
  • Recycle trash carefully in the barrels provided and stack trays.

Last Updated: August 22, 2019