As a progressive and technology rich environment, MPA strives for all students to benefit from the technologies provided to them and those which they chose for themselves. Respectful and responsible use of all devices, school issued and otherwise, is not only expected, but required.  

Responsible Laptop Use Guidelines and Acceptable Use Policies 

Students and parents/guardians are expected to sign the technology acceptable use policy document on an annual basis prior to receiving the device. Please refer to each division specific section for more information about their technology guidelines. 

Cell Phones

Please refer to each division’s specific section for more information about their cell phone guidelines. 

Lower School Technology Policies

Lower School students are not allowed to have personal devices on campus, including cell phones.  Students are permitted to use the phone in our Lower School Office. Cell phone use is prohibited unless special permission is given by the Lower School Administration. 

Laptops and Ipads will be used in the classroom under direct supervision by the classroom teacher.  Students are expected to use MPA technology only for assigned and intended school purposes.  Any actions or activities that interfere with the educational use of a computer or Ipad are not allowed and will be subject to disciplinary consequences. 

Middle School Technology Policies 

At Mounds Park Academy, technology is a vital tool for learning and communicating who we are, what we value, and how we represent our family, school, and community. Because our technology choices affect ourselves and others, and because the use of technology is a privilege, not a right, the expectation is that Middle School students will abide by and support this agreement both in and out of school. While we understand that any of us can make a mistake, we believe that living according to these values is critically important. Middle School students agree to the following when using electronic devices: 

1. Use MPA’s technology resources responsibly.  

  • I will use MPA technology only for assigned and intended school purposes. I will ask for teacher approval if I am not sure.  
  • I will use my school email account only for school assignments.  
  • I will keep my passwords to myself.  
  • I will access only my own assigned computer, account, and/or files.   
  • I will download only under teacher direction.  
  • I will inform my teacher if I have concerns about the functionality or suitability of the hardware or  
  • software I am using.  
  • I will not give out identifying information over the internet.  
  • I will come to class fully prepared, including charging my laptop and printing prior to class.   
  • I will not damage MPA hardware or software, delete school files or those belonging to other students,  
  • I use unauthorized software, attempt to bypass school filters, send viruses, or make modifications to the system files.  

2. Be respectful of others (including cell phone use).  

  • I will not participate in cyber-bullying by spreading gossip, insults, or other unkindness, and/or accessing any social network, website, blog, Wiki, etc. with the purpose of creating, viewing, or participating in the humiliation of others.  
  • I will not make or forward sexually suggestive photographs or videos.  
  • I will not retrieve material that is obscene, profane, violent, discriminatory, or depicts or describes illegal activities.  
  • I will not steal someone’s password and/or identity.  
  • I will not use technology in any other inappropriate way.  
  • I will uphold Mounds Park Academy’s values of respect and integrity.  

3. Publish ethically.  

  • I will not plagiarize by representing the work of others as my own.  
  • I will not manipulate technology to cheat.  
  • I will obey copyright and software licensing laws. 

Middle School Laptop Policies 


  • 7th and 8th grade students will be issued a school-owned MacBook Air, charger, hard cover case, and sleeve on the first day of school. All 7th grade students and all new 8th grade students and a parent/guardian must attend a pre-school laptop orientation session before being issued a laptop. Students will have take-home rights during the school year. All equipment must be returned at the end of each school year. 
  • 5th and 6th grade students will be issued a school-owned MacBook Air and hard cover case on the first day of school. These devices must remain at school on centrally-located carts whenever they are not in use. Students have access to their laptops between 7:45am-3:15pm. Note: students in afternoon Panther Den may use their laptops under adult supervision.  
  • All students and a parent or guardian must sign an “MPA Laptop Program License Agreement” prior to being issued a laptop. 

Acceptable Use Policy 

  • Students and a parent or guardian must sign MPA’s Technology Policy before receiving a laptop. 
  • Students do not have administrative rights and may not add additional software or applications to their laptops. 
  • The Middle School Director can remotely access a MS student’s laptop at any time during school hours to monitor their activity, since laptops are school-owned property. MPA reserves the right to check browser history at any time. 
  • Failure to adhere to these policies may result in loss of privilege to use the school server, loss of a school-loaned laptop, the need to have direct supervision by an adult in the community when using the school network and computers, parent conference, detention, community service, suspension, or dismissal from Mounds Park Academy. 


MPA faculty maintain 100% control over how often and to what extent students may utilize laptops in their classrooms so that experiential learning and interpersonal relationships remain at the forefront of an MPA student’s education. 

  • Students are not allowed to use their laptops during recess (including indoor recess), lunch, passing time, or physical education. 

Storage and Transportation 

  • Laptops must be securely stored at all times. When stored in a student’s locker, the locker must be closed and locked. Laptops found unattended are subject to confiscation and other repercussions. 
  • Laptops must be kept in their hard case at all times. 
  • All students are responsible for carrying their computers according to the school’s guidelines. 
  • 7/8 students are required to use the school-issued laptop sleeve when transporting their computer to and from school. 

Online Communication 

  • Students may not use social media, messaging apps, or email during school hours unless given explicit permission from a teacher. 
  • Parents/guardians should refrain from communicating with their student(s) via text, email, or messaging apps during school hours. Parents should contact the Middle School Office if they need to leave a message for their child. 


  • All laptops will be assessed before issuance and again upon return to document all scratches, damage, etc. 
  • Charger: 7/8 students will receive one numbered charger. Additional chargers are available for purchase. Students are expected to come to school with a fully charged battery every day.  
  • If a student forgets their laptop or charger at hope, they can check one out from the MS Office for the day. Students who repeatedly forget their equipment may be required to purchase an additional charger, have a parent meeting with the MS Director, or serve other consequences as deemed appropriate by the administration. 
  • If a 7/8 student does not wish to take their laptop home, they may bring their computer to the Middle School Office before 3:45pm and check it in with the Middle School Assistant. 

Cell Phones and Personal Electronic Devices 

Cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, gaming systems, and other personal electronic devices are to be turned off and kept out of sight from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. but may be used before classes in the morning and/or after school. Students may wear Smart watches during the school day as long as they are not a distraction to learning. Students must remove these devices for assessments and at the discretion of the faculty and staff. Teachers or supervising adults may allow students to use these devices as a valid part of the educational process. MPA assumes no responsibility for the loss, recovery, repair or replacement for any technological device brought onto school property. 

Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in the following consequences: 

  • First Offense: Temporary confiscation of the device. Student must pick up item from the Middle School Director at the end of the school day, and a warning is issued. 
  • Second Offense: Temporary confiscation of the device and parent/guardian notified. Student must pick up item from the Middle School Director at the end of the school day and serve a detention. 
  • Third Offense: Temporary confiscation of the device. Parent/guardian must pick up the item, and student will serve additional detention time. Student will no longer be allowed to bring personal electronic devices to school for the remainder of the year. 

Parents who wish to contact their children during school hours should call the Middle School Office, as students are not permitted to use their cell phones during the school day. Middle School students may make calls from the phones in the Middle School Office if needed. Students should limit the length and number of phone calls made from school. Appropriate times to call are before school, after school, and during recess. 

Students may be permitted to bring an electronic device on specific field trips. The teacher in charge of the trip determines what is permissible and guidelines for use during the trip. 

Upper School Technology Policies 

Responsible Laptop and Cell Phone Use Guidelines  

Students should not do anything that disrupts the learning of themselves or any other student. 


  1. Student laptops are for school use. Any actions or activities that interfere with the educational use of a computer are not allowed and will be subject to disciplinary consequences. This expectation also extends to the use of laptop computers outside of school.   
  2. Students should not instant message during class time or study hall times as it is disruptive.  
  3. Students should not send personal emails nor play computer games during class.   
  4. Any computer games that are played must be appropriate and are subject to teacher approval.  
  5. Music is generally not allowed during class time. If music is allowed, please use headphones when listening.   
  6. Teachers set the general tone of computer and smartphone use during a class or study hall  
  7. Computer and smartphone screensavers and decorations must be appropriate for school and are subject to approval.   
  8. Any MPA employee may take away a cellular telephone if the phone is an impediment to learning. If confiscated, then the device will only be returned after direct communication with the student and their parent /guardian. Repeat offenses may incur additional consequences.  
  9. Laptop computers, cellular telephones, or any other electronic devices should not be out during class unless students are instructed to use them by their teacher.    


  1. Students will comply with teacher requests regarding their technology (computer, cellular telephone, etc.) use. Adults will confiscate computers if necessary.   
  2. Use of the computer network will not interfere with the use of the network by others. • Students will not enable any file sharing or other server service on their laptop computer. This includes – but is not limited to – Apple file sharing, Personal Web Server, Peer-to-Peer music sharing like Limewire, certain email and FTP services, iTunes music sharing, network games and SSH.   
  3. Students will not enable their laptops to function as AirPort base stations.   
  4. Students must obtain prior permission to send email to the entire school or class.  
  5.  Students will not print more than 20 pages at any given time without the permission of a faculty member. If applicable, please restrict such printing to after-school hours. Students may not access the email or file server account of another person. Using someone else’s password or posting a message using another person’s identity is a form of dishonesty. Mounds Park Academy community members are responsible for all mail originating from your email account even if you didn’t send it.  
  6.  Students will honor copyrights and software licenses following the accepted “Fair Use” policies for education.   
  7. Students will comply with Mounds Park Academy policies regarding acceptable computer use and web publishing standards.   
  8. Students will take great care when loading software on their laptop computer. There is a risk that it may contain a harmful virus and interfere with the proper functioning of the laptop. If software is added that interferes with the proper functioning of the computer, the school will re-image the computer back to its original configuration. 


  1. Never leave your laptop in a non-secure place. It is your responsibility to lock away your computer in your locker or to keep it with you while at school. Do not leave your book bag unattended with your laptop inside, even if your bag is zipped shut. Do not leave your laptop on top of your locker, or in any place other than secured inside your locker. If your laptop is found unattended, you may be assigned one hour of detention.   
  2. Personal privacy is important. Do not share any passwords and remember that you are responsible for keeping your passwords private and secure. Do not reveal any personal identifying information (name, gender, phone, address, photo) without having first established a prior relationship outside of the Internet, or have adult permission to do so.  
  3. Students are encouraged to not leave their laptop computers, cellular telephones, or other technical devices unattended during any unsupervised time or in the care of someone else “keeping an eye on it” while you are away (even if for only a brief period of time).   
  4. Do not lock your computer in the locker room as it is not secure.  
  5. Do not lend your computer to someone else as it is still your responsibility if something happens to your laptop.   
  6. Do not bring laptops on extended school trips unless given permission to do so. If you receive permission and bring your laptop, you must keep the laptop with you at all times or store it in a locked facility. You should bring your laptops with you on a family trips/vacations only if you can secure the laptop when necessary.  
  7. If possible, in emergency situations (i.e., fire drill), take your laptop with you when exiting the building. However, human safety and a speedy exit are the first priorities in such a situation. 


Students may use their phones during free periods in a manner that does not make noise or distract others. A student wishing to make a phone call must do so in a private manner that does not disturb the community (i.e. students may not make or receive phone calls in hallways, the library, or other public locations). Phone use of any kind is prohibited in classes, class meetings, assemblies, in the cafeteria (during lunch periods), and during any other commitments during the school day, unless explicitly permitted by a faculty member or administrator.     

Consequences for violation of this policy distinguish between active and passive use of the device.  

  • Passive use implies forgetfulness and requires strategies that remind students that phones should be turned off in class, class meetings, assemblies, cafeteria, etc.  
  • Active use implies blatant disregard of the policy and disrespect toward the teacher, classmates, and activity at hand.     

Consequences for active and passive use (phone is not turned off and presents a noise distraction in class):   

  • 1st instance: Teacher removes the phone and gives it to the Upper School Director. The student will pick up the phone from the Upper School Director at the end of the day.  
  • 2nd (and each subsequent) instance: Teacher removes the phone and gives it to the Upper School Director. The phone will be returned only to the student’s parents/guardians. 

Last Updated: August 26, 2019