The procedure for assessment and remediation of students with special needs:  

  1. Teacher/ administrator/parents/guardians/student recognizes potential learning need.  
  2. Communication between parents/guardians, teacher, learning specialist, administrator, and student (where applicable) takes place to consider needs, solution(s), or additional information.  
  3. If the parents/guardians, teacher and/or learning specialist perceive the need(s) as significant, the division director will be notified and a meeting between the student’s teachers, learning specialist, parent(s) and administrator will take place to clarify and address the needs.   
  4. If necessary, diagnostic evaluation outside the school will be recommended to the parents/guardians and assistance will be provided in identifying appropriate resources. 
  5. At the conclusion of the testing with permission from the parents/guardians, the evaluator will report finds and recommendations to the student (when appropriate), parents/guardians, teachers, learning specialist and administrators.  
  6. Based on evaluation results, an educational plan in keeping with the school’s admissions policy will be developed jointly by teachers, learning specialist, parents/guardians and the division director. If, in the professional opinion of the faculty and staff of MPA, MPA’s college preparatory curriculum cannot realistically meet the student’s needs (see admission guidelines) alternative educational environments will need to be found. 
  7. The educational plan will be implemented with periodic review and revision. 

Last Updated: August 26, 2019