Guidelines for Proposing New Clubs / Activities in the Middle and Upper School

The following guidelines pertain to members of the MPA community who wish to form a new group, club, or activity for students at MPA.  

Anyone wishing to form a new group, club, or activity for students should submit a written request to the appropriate division director(s). The request should include a description of the group, club, or activity as well as an explanation of its value to the school.  

Each request will be reviewed by the division director(s) in consultation with the Head of School. The following factors will be considered in determining whether or not a group will be approved:  

  • Compatibility with the stated mission and goals of MPA;  
  • Availability of a faculty/staff advisor/parent/non-parent;  
  • Availability of appropriate funding as necessary;  
  • Availability of an appropriate space and time to meet;  
  • Compatibility and/or redundancy with existing programs;  
  • Student interest in the new group, club, or activity; and  
  • Completion of background check for parent/non-parent.  

If approved, a group needs to notify the yearbook advisor by September 1 in order to be pictured in the yearbook. 

Last Updated: August 26, 2019